CR2032 v CR2025

CR2032 vs. CR2025: How Do They Differ?

The introduction of micro batteries such as CR2032 and CR2025

CR2032 vs CR2025

Micro batteries are small, thin batteries that are often used in small electronic devices, such as watches, calculators, and remote controls. CR2032 and CR2025 are two common types of micro batteries. CR2032 batteries are 3V coin-shaped lithium batteries that are often used in small electronic devices that require a long shelf life and a high energy density.

CR2025 batteries are similar to CR2032 batteries, but they are slightly smaller and have a lower capacity. Both CR2032 and CR2025 batteries are widely available and are often used as replacements for older or dead batteries in electronic devices. Including electronic car keys.

CR2032 vs. CR2025: How Do They Differ?

Most car owners are usually at crossroads when shopping for micro-batteries. There are many models available, and it can be confusing getting a suitable choice. For instance, you may be wondering if CR2032 batteries can last ten years or if CR2025 can deliver an impressive performance like their counterparts. Even if both batteries serve similar purposes, there are some notable differences that you need to know when shopping. In this article, we look at CR2032 vs. CR2025 and how they differ in features and performance. Keep reading.

CR2032 and CR2035 Batteries: An Overview

A CR2032 battery features an overall dimension of 20 mm (diameter) and 3.2 mm (thickness). It’s a non-rechargeable lithium or button cell model with 3-volt and 240mAh capacity. It’s the most common model of lithium batteries and has other different codes such as 5004LC, DL2332, and L2032.

On the other hand, a CR2025 is also a button cell or lithium coin battery. It is non-rechargeable or disposable and has 3 volts. Additionally, it has an overall measurement of 20 mm (diameter) x2.5 mm (thickness. It has other codes such as Duracell DL2025and Sony CR2025.


The first noticeable feature of these coin cells is their general appearance. That’s right; the main difference between CR2032 and CR2023 batteries is the thickness or width. However, there’s no difference in the diameter as both have the exact measurement.

CR 2032 has a thickness dimension of 3.2 mm, and CR2035 has 2.5 mm thickness. Due to this, the CR2032 has more capacity and, therefore, can deliver a high current.

On average, a CR2032 can transmit a 2225mAh while a CR2025 can only transmit 160mAh. Typically, batteries with lower capacities are thinner and do not last long. Therefore, they can be costly to maintain because of constant replacement.

It’s important to note that the ideal current drain ranges anywhere between 3 and 5 mAh since the battery’s capacity depends on the load.  

There is a benefit of having a thinner battery since you don’t have to worry about the size. You can fit it easily into a device, and it won’t damage it. Also, the CR2025 is commonly used in kids’ toys or calculators.

On the flip side, having similar diameters means one is likely to interchange the batteries. However, due to the thickness of CR2032, an excess force can damage it or your device.


Both CR2032 and CR2025 are 3-volt lithium coin batteries and therefore have the same voltage and chemical components; therefore, it’s important to check the voltage of the equipment before choosing a battery.

A battery with a high voltage than that of the device can damage it. Therefore, these 3v batteries may not work with 1.5V appliances.


As noted earlier, the voltage of the CR2032 and CR2025 is the same at 3V. However, their capacities are different. Therefore, their application may differ. The CR2025 has a lower capacity of 160 mm; therefore, it can be used to power smaller devices such as toys, calculators, laser pens. 

However, the CR2032 has a higher capacity and therefore is suitable for powering devices used in medical applications such as fitness appliances, sensors, safety devices, wristwatches, thermometers, pacemakers, and glucose monitors. Also, the CR2023 can also power bigger applications such as computer motherboards.

IEC codes

The IEC is an acronym for International Electromechanical Commission and an excellent way to differentiate between CR2025 and CR2032 batteries. By just looking at the label and the codes, you can be able to tell the difference. 

The labels help in telling more about the quality of the batteries as well as the chemistry. For example, CR2032 means C for magnesium-lithium oxide, R for Cylindrical, the diameter 20 mm, and 3.2 for thickness.

For CR2025, the diameter is 20.0 mm, while the thickness is 2.5 mm. When you subtract the two thicknesses, you get 0.7 mm.


CR2032 and CR2025 differ in their respective weights. Whereas CR2032 weighs approximately 3.0 grams, CR2035 weighs 2.6 grams. However, by holding them, you may not feel the weight difference since it’s very insignificant.


All the leading brands have these batteries, which are therefore the most commonly used globally. Examples of companies that produce coin batteries include Phillips, Renata, Duracell, Maxwell, and Energizer. 

Some brands such as Energizer, Duracell as well as Phillips have premium products. Therefore, their prices are higher than less known brands. Some people will buy products depending on the company or the brand; thus, the price may not be a consideration.

Before you purchase, you can check on the reviews of other customers and the storage life. Typically, premium brands have a longevity of at least ten years. Likewise, Amazon basics have a lifespan of seven years.

CR2032 vs. CR2025Which Battery Is the Best Option?

You can choose either CR2032 vs. CR2025, depending on whether it can mount well in your battery compartment. Similarly, you may use the batteries interchangeably without any effects. However, the CR2032 is long-lasting due to its high capacity. 

If you have a CR2025 and would like to boost its lifespan, you can place an aluminum foil alongside a different conductor, and this will cover the 0.7 mm difference. Additionally, place the aluminum foil on the + sign and next to the compartment for stability. There should be contact between the spring and your battery to prevent damage.


With technology getting better and smaller devices coming out, battery size is a big thing to think about. When choosing extra-small batteries for your devices, you’d want one that fits with precision.

However, even as you choose a battery for your tiny gadgets, the many models can confuse you. Luckily, the CR2032 vs. CR2025 are the most commonly used coin cell batteries in the market. These work pretty well on watches, toys, laser pointers, and remotes.

Lastly, can CR2032 and CR2025 work interchangeably? Yes, these two can interchangeably work since they have similar chemical compositions, voltage, dimensions, and size. The only difference is the thickness and capacity. Hopefully, our discussion has shed light on the differences between the two to help you choose. are cr2032 and cr2025 batteries interchangeable, cr2032 vs cr2025 vs cr2016, Cr2032 vs cr2025 energizer, cr2032 vs cr2016, cr2025 vs cr2032 key fob.

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