Narrowboat Batteries at a Glance

CXV35MF Numax 120Ah Boat Batteries: Mercia Marina.

CXV35MF Numax 120Ah Boat batteries

CXV35MF Numax 120Ah Boat batteries
CXV35MF Numax 120Ah Boat batteries

CXV35MF Numax 120Ah Boat batteries

Happily, this was going to be one of those that I can really say that I thoroughly enjoyed. So, this particular battery delivery took me to a marina near Derby. It was a cloudy, muggy day, and I was thinking about the fact that the air conditioning had been repaired in my van.

It has been heaven having nice cold air blow in these hot summer days, and today was no exception.

When we received this order for 3 x CXV35MF Numax batteries, I noticed it was addressed to the name of a boat. Consequently, the narrow boat was moored in a marina not yet known to me, called “Mercia marina” just outside Derby in a small town known as Willington.

So, Derby is only a couple of hours away, so I had no need for an early start. In fact, I had planned to be home for lunch.

canal boats
A typical mix of canal boats

When the customer was an hour away, I called.

Because of the nature of the order and address, I always contact the customer when I am about an hour away. It has happened so many times when the customer was away on arrival. Canal boats can be moored in unusual and faraway places.

So calling the customer is the best policy. So when I was about an hour away, I called the customer on my ancient mobile phone. A lady with a kind voice answered, and we made the delivery arrangements between us.

On arrival, I was to phone the lady “Pat,” and she would direct me to the closest access point to her moored boat. This I did and, on request, carried the CXV35MF Numax batteries to her boat, (one at a time, if I may add). These batteries don’t get any lighter, and I am not getting any younger.

Stood and had a chat !

Back at my garage in Halifax, I am well known for talking to customers. Delivering is no different. After the delivery, I stood and had a chat with Pat about the marina. It was massive! It is the biggest thing that I have ever seen. Pat went on to tell me that the marina was the biggest in the UK.

When I returned to my office! I googled it and discovered that Mercia Marina was, in fact, the largest inland marina in Europe. So, covering a staggering 74 acres, it holds hundreds of boats and their associated leisure amenities.

Pat was also a Yorkshire woman, coming from the Pontefract area, but was now living in a narrow boat. Importantly, these great experiences never seem to amaze me. Travelling and talking to people are great things. Of course, I combine it with my business and deliver my CXV35MF Numax 120Ah Boat batteries .

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