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Damaging your Car Battery-4 Ways How Lead Acid Batteries Are Damaged

Damaging your Car Battery

Damaging your Car Battery

Of course, it is important to care when handling your cars battery. Because of the lead content then most batteries these days are very heavy to lift . Of course we send out thousands of car batteries a year to our online customers. So, when the package arrives then you should test the weight of the battery box to see if you can take the weight or not.

Naturally this also applies when lifting the battery in and out of the engine compartment. So I regard myself as a strong person. However even I require help when lifting some of the larger batteries. Please take care and do not drop your battery ! Apart from the possibility of Damaging your Car Battery, outer casing.

Significantly, then  shocks and dropping of the battery will result in active material being dislodged from the lead plates. Of course the actions of this leads to a reduction of your batteries capacity ! Of course, Damaging your Car Battery. Consequently, the loose deposits can lead to a short out across the batteries plates. However battery casing design is now much better. Hence, the fact that we see less of the shorting out problem, in past years.

Battery discharge

Its not rocket science that lead acid batteries should be kept at there peak charging level at all times. So, problems occur when the old battery is left to be discharged bellow 10.5 Volts. In fact, if this happens the lead sulfate formed on discharge. Thus, will expand across the separators and plates and short out the battery.

This problem often happens when cars are stood for periods of time without being recharged. Of course, the solution is simple! If you are not planning to drive your vehicle for a couple of weeks or days, say on your holidays.

Please, make sure you charge the battery with an external charger as regular as possible. So the AA and RAC here in the UK are often called out to vehicles that have flat batteries ! Hence from airport car parks.

Many, studies have shown however, that when cars are parked 95% of the time. So the sulfation that is formed will crystallize, Damaging your Car Battery, making the battery dysfunctional.

Battery quality

In my opinion then the next problem is not as common .Because of better battery design. So, it is possible that air pockets form between the batteries plates. If these air pockets are not dislodge .

Obviously, then that part of the plates could effectively be rendered useless. This is another problem that has been diminished by better battery design.

Nothing much can be done about this !

Except to say that good grid design and quality separators will make this problem preventable. Of course, this is why cheap car batteries don’t last. Better quality batteries, are often the answer !

Manufacturers such as Bosch, Varta and Exide manufacture the best quality car batteries giving longer life. Of course, much more engineering skills go into the development of these quality battery products. So, you pay for what you get! like most things in life.

If you have screw tops,

So, most car batteries come with two types of tops. Alongside the traditional “screw top” batteries we now have the sealed batteries.

Simply if you have screw tops then it is advisable to have the battery fluid level checked. Most batteries on today’s vehicles are “maintenance free“. Once again it is not a common site to see the electrolyte level fall too low bellow the lead plates .

Of course when this happens then the battery loses capacity.

Always keep the battery top up with distilled water. Do not add acid or tap water.

Fluoride and other chemicals in the water could react with the spongy lead plates. However I think that many drivers now posses a water filter or could use cooled down boiled water from the kettle.

Finally, like most things in life then a little car and attention is the only thing that is required when looking after your cars battery. ways to prevent, cars battery, a long time.

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