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Deep Cycle Batteries Worth It

Deep Cycle Batteries Worth It

Deep Cycle Batteries Worth It

So, these are the types of posts that I really like to write! I know, of course, that you could say that all batteries look the same! However, when you dig into them, they are very different. I could give a good example. So, by saying that leisure batteries and most car batteries do look the same.

Strangely, many of these are slightly different-looking. However, they can be interchanged. Some, AGM batteries can be used as starter batteries. including such things as lawn mowers.

Incidentally, my own lawn mowers are fitted with 12 amp and 7 amp deep cycle batteries. Both for starting the mowers up with. Of course Deep Cycle Batteries Worth It.

Deep Cycle Batteries Worth It
Clean Energy Transition

I must stress that most lead-acid car batteries are built for starting vehicles!

However, things are now changing! Importantly, with AGM batteries now being fitted to vehicles with start-stop capability.

Genuine AGM batteries are made with the same components. But with a different composition. Both have lead plates, but the lead-acid car battery has perforated plates to give it a larger surface area.

required when the car needs up-front power to start. AGM batteries have much thicker plates without any perforations. Enabling the battery plates to store more power over a longer period of time.

Also, the AGM batteries are filled with a mixture of glass fibre and electrolyte.

Thus making them maintenance-free because the battery can be sealed and leak-proof.

However, many people use both types of batteries for similar purposes. Many of our customers with caravans or campervans will buy large car batteries for short-term storage.

So, on the other hand, you can use an Optima AGM deep-cycle battery to start your car. Jeeps are a good example of this! So with the battery inside the driver’s cab

Deep cycle used for solar storage-Deep Cycle Batteries Worth It

So, many people now have a solar panel system connected to a solar battery system. I have such a system at home. Importantly, deep-cycle AGM or Gel batteries are best used for this purpose.

I must admit that I have delivered “free flowing” leisure batteries for solar storage use. Customers do get confused and also go for the cheapest batteries. Of course, they do not do the same job.

AGM, solar batteries will store the sun’s energy that is collected from your solar panel roof system. Of course, the higher your AGM battery capacity, the more solar energy it can store. Other components that are required for solar battery storage are solar panels, a charge controller, and an inverter.

so, you will have to connect your solar panel bank to a charge controller. This will prevent your battery from overcharging by managing the energy stored by the battery. Also, this will shut down the system should your batteries require changing or go faulty. Of course,  your batteries will need to be connected to an inverter to convert the DC energy collected from solar panels and then convert the power to AC energy.

So, as I have said, I have had such a system fitted for a couple of years now. Importantly I am able to  store the excess electricity that my panels produce instead of sending that energy back into the grid.

Of course any excess electricity will be sent to the grid. So, when my batteries are fully charged with my solar panels still producing energy.

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Source: What to Know About Deep Cycle Batteries for Solar Storage – Renogy United States

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