Disabled Community Flying Outside the UK.

Disabled Community Flying Outside the UK.

Disabled Community Flying Outside the UK.

I recently wrote my last article about airport travel in the UK and what to expect. This timeĀ  I would like to share my experience with airport assistance outside the UK. Primarily in Spain!

Once again, I begin with our visit to our son’s wedding in Granada. Unfortunately, Granada airport was closed to flights from the UK.

Our closest airport was to Malaga, some fifty miles from Granada. Malaga is a relatively new airport and built to service all the nearby tourists resorts, including Malaga itself. When landing, I noticed how large the airport was! It was vast!

On landing and because we did not book assistance, we really struggled with our disabilities. For some reason, we did not see the special assistance waiting areas on our exit.

We travelled much of the way to passport control and the walking escalators. Finally, just before passport control, I noticed an area that was designated for disabled people and their fellow travellers.

Disabled Community Flying Outside the UK.
Flying With Power Wheelchairs

Other disabled people were also waiting for assistance.

Very shortly, an attendant arrived with what can only be described as a huge golf cart. We were all helped on board and zoomed off to passport control.

The line was miles long. However, to my surprise, we were whisked down to a special part of passport control. There, we were checked immediately and then taken to the main entrance, where our minibus was to greet us and take us to Granada.

On our return, we did not hesitate to find the nearest disabled waiting area. There, we were given the same special treatment as on arrival.

The golf cart took us through to the baggage area, where we were given a special passage through passport control. As a member of the Disabled Community Flying Outside the UK, I noticed that their were several disabled special assistance areas dotted all over the airport. Finally, we were dropped off at our departure lounge.

When boarding started, we were first priority and taken to the plane on wheelchairs.

The service was truly outstanding from the airport staff who friendly and patient with us all the time. Apparently, it is not just Spain, but similar passenger rights are in existence in a number of other regions. Including as the European Union and the United States.

Unless you have travelled to other countries then it is difficult to access the level help that the disabled can expect. So in other parts of the world, access to these protections is limited, and help may be difficult to obtain or prohibitively expensive.

Finally if our own experience is anything to go by then Malaga is a place I would recommend you to visit and dont forget to look out for special assistance areas all over the airport. Please dont forget to contact the airport if you are bringing your own wheelchair. They will need to know about the batteries that are fitted to the chair.

Malaga Airport’s Exceptional Facilities for the Elderly and Disabled

When it comes to Disabled Community Flying Outside the UK., ensuring accessibility and convenience for all passengers is of utmost importance. In this regard, Malaga Airport in southern Spain stands as a shining example of a facility that goes above and beyond to cater to the needs of the elderly and disabled.

With an array of thoughtful amenities and services, the airport strives to make travel a seamless and comfortable experience for all the Disabled Community Flying Outside the UK., regardless of their physical abilities. free visa for disabled person uk, uk visa for disabled person, travelling as a disabled person, disabled travel uk, airport assistance for disabled.

Effortless Navigation:

Malaga Airport boasts well-designed infrastructure that facilitates effortless navigation for the elderly and disabled. Clear signage, wide corridors, and easily accessible elevators and escalators ensure smooth transitions throughout the airport, minimizing any obstacles or difficulties that may arise during travel.

Dedicated Assistance:

The airport’s commitment to providing exceptional support is reflected in its dedicated assistance services. Trained staff members are readily available to assist passengers with disabilities, offering personalized guidance and support from check-in to boarding.

Their attentive approach and willingness to go the extra mile contribute to a stress-free experience for travellers with mobility challenges.

Accessible Facilities:

Malaga Airport prioritizes accessibility by offering a range of facilities designed specifically for the elderly and disabled. Thoughtfully placed seating areas provide opportunities for rest and relaxation, while accessible restrooms equipped with grab bars and ample space ensure comfort and ease of use.

Furthermore, the airport features wheelchair-friendly ramps, wide security lanes, and dedicated parking spaces, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can navigate the airport with utmost convenience.

Enhanced Communication:

Recognizing the importance of effective communication, Malaga Airport employs various measures to accommodate individuals with hearing impairments or visual disabilities.

Information boards and displays are strategically positioned throughout the airport, presenting vital flight information in clear text and visual formats. Additionally, the airport staff is trained to effectively communicate and assist passengers with different communication needs, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Specialized Equipment:

To cater to the unique requirements of the Disabled Community Flying Outside the UK, Malaga Airport provides specialized equipment to enhance mobility and comfort. Wheelchairs and mobility aids are readily available, ensuring that individuals with limited mobility can move freely throughout the airport. Additionally, the airport offers boarding ramps and lifts, making aircraft access easier and more convenient for wheelchair users.


Malaga Airport stands as a shining example of an airport that prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility. Through its effortless navigation, dedicated assistance, accessible facilities, enhanced communication, and specialized equipment, the airport goes above and beyond to ensure that elderly and disabled travellers can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Malaga Airport’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment serves as an inspiration for other airports around the world, highlighting the importance of considering the needs of all passengers and fostering a more accessible future for travel.

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