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Draining Your Car battery-8 Common Mistakes

draining Your car battery

draining Your car battery
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draining Your car battery

Throughout the years, the average age of vehicles has increased. As one of the significant investments you’ll in life, it’s crucial to provide your vehicle with proper maintenance, especially once it starts to age.  

The majority of the components in your vehicle are prone to wear and tear over time. Most especially, the battery is a crucial component in any car. Once you end up with a drained car battery, it simply means that your vehicle will not start.  

Many are not familiar with the usual mistakes that often lead to draining Your car battery. If you have a vehicle, you should be familiar with the common factors that can drain a car battery, how to replace it, and some tips on extending its life span. Here are some of the typical mistakes that can draining Your car battery and what you can do. 

Overlooking Parasitic Drains 

Factors that can draining Your car battery, even if your engine is turned off, includes the car radio and alarm. If you notice a constant drain in the battery power, you should closely look at possible electrical malfunctions in the system as well.  

Exposure To Extreme Temperatures 

One of the contributing elements to the rapid drainage of a car battery is the temperature. The best way to ensure that your battery will last is to limit exposure to temperature extremes.  

The majority of cases of battery drain typically occur during summer. You can minimize this risk by parking your vehicle in a shaded area away from direct sunlight during summer. Keeping your car under the shade can help lengthen the lifespan of your battery. 

On the other hand, if your battery faces extreme cold during the winter, it’ll also drain faster. Remember that batteries work harder during the winter to power your vehicle. Once this occurs, the likelihood of dealing with a dead battery is higher.  

draining Your car battery
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Leaving The Headlights On 

One of the quickest ways that cause the battery to drain is leaving the headlights on for a long time. If the battery continues to drain, you likely have the habit of leaving the headlights on, even when your car is parked. In most cases, the headlights will stay on until the battery dies down entirely. If you want to avoid this, you should double-check that your lights are off once you turn off the ignition. Always check the lights before leaving your car.  

draining Your car battery-Neglecting The Battery 

When you overlook the importance of proper maintenance for your battery, it’ll drain at a quicker rate. If you leave the battery in a poor state, it tends to drain power faster. Remember that car batteries often succumb to negligence. If you ignore or don’t pay close attention to the battery’s health, it’ll only be a matter of time before it falters. In other words, prioritize regular check-ups for your battery throughout its lifespan.  

Build-Up Of Corrosion 

If you want your battery to function optimally, you should have secure connections. It’s crucial to note that terminals are prone to corrosion, especially after prolonged periods of inactivity.  

When the battery is draining rapidly than average, it might be due to the recurrent attempt to restart the engine. If the issue to due to corrosion, your vehicle is at risk for stalling even while driving. The best way to avoid corrosion of battery terminals is to schedule regular maintenance.  

draining Your car battery
draining Your car battery

Defective Alternator 

When your vehicle has a malfunctioning alternator, it can cause the battery to drain. The alternator works by recharging the battery. Once it starts to malfunction, it cannot keep the power long enough. Make it a priority to inspect the alternator when you experience a dead battery.  

If your car has a faulty alternator, switching on the radio can cause the battery to drain rapidly. When dealing with a recurrent case of battery drain, it’s likely due to a faulty alternator and this would require a replacement.  

Aging Battery

Throughout the years, the battery works continuously to power your car. As age catches up, you’ll likely take some time to notice and replace the battery.  

If you fail to replace an old battery properly, it’ll increase the risk of a recurrent drain. It’s best to replace the battery every four years if you want to ensure optimum output. Allowing your battery to push beyond the fifth year will drive it beyond its capacity. After reaching this point, expect a frequent recurrence of battery drain.  

Poor Quality Battery 

Generally, the life span of a good quality car battery is three to six years. A poor-quality battery, however, is more likely going to drain rapidly than a high-quality one. Once you notice an increasing frequency in the battery drain, it might be time to consider buying a good quality battery as a replacement.  

draining Your car battery-Conclusion 

Your vehicle requires a functional battery to work best. A combination of proper maintenance and other factors can help achieve optimum functionality. After learning about the usual mistakes that can lead to battery drain and avoiding them, it’ll significantly help keep your battery in optimum condition for a longer time.

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