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EFB Stop Start Batteries-What You Need To Know

EFB Stop-Start Batteries

EFB Stop-Start Batteries

Of course, anyone looking to part-change their car recently? So, they will have undoubtedly gone looking for the best performance and fuel efficiency figures of the typical car they’re considering buying.

How quickly a car could accelerate used to be the primary indicator of performance. including its top speed. However, because of recent concerns about climate change, modern car buyers are becoming much more focused. Especially on fuel efficiency and significantly carbon emissions !

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Start-stop technology was, in the beginning, introduced by a number of manufacturers.

Volvo and BMW are included. fundamentally, to help reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions in the long term. Start-Stop ! The idea is simple! As a result, when the car comes to a stop in neutral or out of gear, the engine will shut down automatically. Specifically, when you need to pull away again, the engine restarts.

A restart occurs as soon as you press the clutch pedal or the accelerator. Hence, allowing the driver to drive away in the normal way I found with my first stop-start car that I panicked. Of course, when the engine stopped Consequently, for some reason (could be my age !)

I could never get used to this idea and preferred to switch off the stop-start facility if one was present. I fast forward to 2022, and I am now used to the idea and find it to be beneficial.

Start-stop technology is just one method of cutting fuel usage and emissions

Naturally, the net benefit of a stop-start is reducing the use of fuel, thus reducing emissions from the vehicle. both of which drive up the overall cost of motoring. In particular, in some cities (including London), charging taxes associated with owning and using a car Especially a diesel car!

The idea of having the engine start and stop on its own appealed to many people, including myself. Of course, this may be off-putting for a great many motorists. Although modern systems allow seamless driving, the engine starts and stops only at the appropriate times.

So, to accommodate the constant engine switching on and off, Then a stronger stop-start battery replacement had to be devised. Modern engine technology is controlled by the car’s computer enabling the EFB Stop-Start Batteries system to be developed.

Of course, us older drivers were told to keep the engine running. because it would be more uneconomical to switch off the engine and then restart it. Old-fashioned spark plugs and coils winefficientent ! Allowing engines to burn more fuel when the engine is switched off.

So, two kinds of batteries are now used on the start-stop vehicles. Firstly, the EFB or AFB car battery and also the AGM car battery.

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Varta batteries claim the following advantages-EFB Stop-Start Batteries

EFB batteries support applications that operate at a partial state of charge. So, and don’t require the deep-cycling characteristics of an AGM battery. A poly-fleece scrim material, added to the positive plate surface, makes this possible. This helps to stabilise the active material of the plates, which increases their endurance.

Benefits include:

  • More than twice the partial state of charge and deep-cycling performance of conventional batteries.
  • Support for a high number of engine starts and extended engine-off periods.
  • Improved charge acceptance compared to conventional flooded batteries.
  • Designs available that improve thermal stability for use in engine compartments and hot climates.
  • Ideal for start-stop vehicle technologies without regenerative braking technology and for vehicles with higher-than-normal energy demands, whether that means a tougher drive schedule or multiple accessories and equipment installed.
  • In addition, our EFB products are built with Power Frame® grid technology for high starting power and reliable performance.

EFB batteries must not be replaced by conventional lead acid batteries.

because they have better deep-cycle ability due to their plate construction. However, it can be replaced by the AGM type of car battery. It also goes without saying that the AGM battery must only be replaced by another equivalent AGM battery. So, a regular lead acid battery or EFB Stop-Start Batteries, can’t be used to replace the battery in a stop-start car.

Moving forward to 2022, the car battery market is increasingly reliant on new technology batteries.

Hope that thats all clear ? EFB Stop-Start Batteries

The savings can be significant for such a simple idea, albeit with complex electronics behind it. Some models get a lot more mileage out of each gallon of gas, and the amount of pollution they put out, which is usually measured in grammes of CO2 per kilometre, goes down at the same time.

What are the differences between EFB and AGM batteries? Find out more about Enhanced Flooded Batteries here.

Source: What You Need To Know About EFB’s (Enhanced Flooded Batteries)

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