can electric cars really save you money?

Electric car batteries Expensive- Will be ‘very expensive to replace’

Electric car batteries Expensive

Electric car batteries Expensive
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Electric car batteries Expensive

So, the truth about electric cars will become clearer as we get closer to the time of reckoning. These crazy people who are running our country have no idea about the chaos they are going to cause just to appease the “climate change lobby” that cripples London every now and then. Personally, I don’t believe a word they say!

So, we have only to look at recent events to see that they are inadequate for delivering anything to the public and the voters.

Starting all the way back to “Brexit”. We heard nothing but lies day after day. First we were in, then we were not. A total shambles! Now, four years later, we are still arguing the toss with the EU and not getting anywhere. I suspect a fudged-up and watered-down deal will eventually come to fruition. But I suspect it will be nothing like we were promised!

Because of the incompetent people who are now running the country. Foolishly, then, I was one of the people who helped vote them in.

Batteries will be the last thing to worry about. The average guy on the street will be priced out of owning one of these cars!

Now look at Covid 19

In my opinion, the same is happening in the current pandemic. Ministers are making mistake after mistake! “Not enough of this” and “not enough of that” are all excuses that are used by incompetent people who have no idea what life outside of politics is like.

This brings me to the “Electric car batteries Expensive ” farce. So, at the moment, we all enjoy a decent standard of living and most of us are able to afford a car to run around in. However, if this farcical switch to electric cars gains momentum, this will all change.

Electric car batteries Expensive
Cars With Solar Panels

Absolutely, let’s not waste any time and get started!

Oh, you folks and your batteries for your electric car. Have you ever pondered the reason behind their notoriously high prices? Why does it often seem like you need to shell out some serious green of your own to get on board with going green and saving the planet?

I mean, seriously, we’re all about going green and saving the planet, but why does it often seem like that?

To begin, let’s talk about the materials.

These bad boys have a natural requirement for materials such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel. Do not even get me started on the price of these metals; it is skyrocketing, particularly with the boom in the production of electric vehicles. Unfortunately, while there is a high demand, these materials are, well, let’s just say they are not in abundant supply. Therefore, we already have a sizeable chunk of the total cost in our possession. This is what helps make Electric car batteries Expensive.

Second, the topic at hand involves intricate technological processes.

It’s not your average car battery; rather, it’s a technological miracle in its own right. There is a management system that keeps a close eye on each cell, ensuring that they are evenly balanced and examining them for potential safety risks.

Yes, an entire computer system devoted solely to the care of your battery. I mean, talk about going above and beyond, right? yet another reason what makes your Electric car batteries Expensive.

Don’t overlook the cost of labour.

Folks, we’re talking about work that requires a high level of skill here. You can’t just have anybody in some dark corner of the building throw these things together on their own. There is a need for specialists. To tell the truth, having specialised knowledge doesn’t come cheap.

Consideration should also be given to research and development. The manufacturers of these batteries are putting a tonne of effort into making them more efficient, lighter, and smaller. Believe me when I say that research and development is no easy task; as a result, the total cost will reflect this difficulty.

Also, don’t forget about the warranty,

okay? The majority of warranties for electric car batteries are quite lengthy, sometimes reaching up to 8 years. Although purchasing this warranty will result in an increased starting price, it will also serve as your safety net. After all, businesses have to look out for their own interests, don’t they?

It’s true that it’s an expensive event, but you should look at it as an investment instead. It is likely that prices will decrease as technological advancements are made. However, for the time being, if you want to ride the electric wave, you need to be ready to pay the piper.

Consequently, there will be no cheap little run-arounds anymore.

The type of little car that your son and daughter can afford to drive Many families have as many as three cars parked at home. Especially as our kids are much older when they leave home. How are you going to accommodate multiple charging points in each home?

Especially on one of the millions of terraced houses that we have in the UK. Also, think about the electric bill! This is one of the areas where they can claw back the tax lost from not having petrol and diesel car taxes.

They will put a levy (tax) on all our electric bills. Just like the “green tax” charged to us at the moment . So, a British gas boss claims that the average UK family is charged around £200 a year. This will rocket when electric cars arrive!

Finally, as for replacing a battery on your electric car

So,the sky is the limit! Unfortunately, we won’t know until the time comes. But don’t believe what the MP’s say when they say that batteries will come down in price! We are already struggling to keep up with the demand for the precious metals that go into making these batteries.

The Government seems to be leaning towards the electric car and banning the petrol/ diesel car in the relatively near future. why are electric car batteries so expensive, much does it cost, electric vehicle batteries, it cost to replace, electric car batteries cost.

Source: Electric car batteries will be ‘very expensive to replace’ | York Press

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