Electrified Fence Batteries-This system can be used to keep foxes from your chickens.

Electrified Fence Batteries

Electrified Fence Batteries
Electrified Fence Batteries

Electrified Fence Batteries

So, this blog post came as an idea from a customer with a faulty battery problem. Consequently, there are many types of batteries used for electric fencing. In the past, live stock owners would use truck or car batteries. Of course, these were fine at first, but the batteries’ power would not last long before the battery finally failed.

Many online battery buyers still purchase what are essentially cheap car batteries for use on their electric fences. However, in my opinion, these are not satisfactory for the job. So, after one of our customers, Steven, contacted me when an 027 car battery was deemed to be ineffective and he wanted it replaced,

Electrified Fence Batteries for his chickens

So rather than just send another battery of the same type, I decided to give the matter a little thought. Of course, what Steven wanted was a battery that would recharge easily after being discharged over a decent period of time. Steven kept some chickens and wanted to be protected against the old, dreaded enemy, the fox.

I must admit, as a former chickenkeeper myself, that this was a great idea. There are two types of fences that will keep livestock in your yard. So we have a high-frequency fence and an electric fence. As a result, both fences are effective at preventing small farm animals from roaming. Consequently, without hurting the animal,

In Stevens’ case, it was to keep the foxes out rather than the chickens in. All chicken keepers must have had that dreadful feeling when you discover that you have had a fox attack. So, I guess I have?

Foxes show no mercy and kill all your birds while only taking the odd one to eat for themselves. I was a young chickenkeeper when it first happened to me. Of course, as a young man, I was devastated. The fox killed all my chickens and twelve point-of-lay “Khaki Campbell Ducks” that I reared from day-old ducklings. 

Battling against the foxes

After that, we spend most of our time battling to keep them out, and Steven’s idea looks like a good one. I’m not sure if he uses special fencing, but the setup in his images is first-rate.

Finally, the battery that I chose to send him was Electrified Fence Batteries. This battery has thicker lead plates and is a semi-traction electric fence battery. Because of this, these batteries will manage a deeper cycle, and the charge will last longer. He has also connected the battery to a smart charger, which is a great idea. I presume the charger is water-proof for use in the winter. But if not, then a small wooden shelter could easily be built to protect the charger from the elements.

Finally, Steven is going to trial the battery and report back to me on what he thinks and the suitability of the battery for use on electric fences.

Protecting Livelihoods: Electrified Fence Batteries

The Critical Role of Battery-Operated Electric Fences in the United Kingdom

The fox hides in the pastoral settings of the United Kingdom, where domestic animals and poultry play an important role in the bucolic lifestyle and economy. The fox, known for its cunning and adaptability, is a continual threat to the well-being of farm animals and the peace of the households to which they belong. In the midst of this age-old battle, the quiet sentinel—a battery-driven electric fence—emerges as a crucial line of defence, fueled dependably by Numax batteries.

The justification for Electrified Fence Batteries is persuasive, stemming from the need to safeguard people who are unable to protect themselves. An electric fence provides a safe but efficient deterrent, a psychological barrier that trains potential predators such as the fox to seek other food. For the farmer, smallholder, or backyard poultry keeper, it is not simply a barrier but also peace of mind, knowing that their charges are safe at all times.

Batteries made by Numax power these electric fences.

Why choose Numax? Because you need a battery that can withstand the volatility of British weather and the expansive landscapes of the UK’s farms and gardens. Numax Electrified Fence Batteries provide lifespan, robustness, and continuous power delivery, which are non-negotiable when your animals’ safety is at issue.

These Electrified Fence Batteries are built to last and have deep-cycle capabilities, which means they can be discharged deeply and recharged frequently without losing efficiency—a perfect fit for the demands of an electric fence. The ability to resist an intruding fox remains constant with Numax, guaranteeing that the fence remains more than simply a physical boundary—it becomes an immovable psychological one.

The electric fence is a steward of sustainability for those who live in rural areas or on the outskirts of urban expansion, where the presence of foxes is unavoidable. It enables free-range practises in which chickens can peck at the dirt and cattle can graze without fear of predation. It’s not only about protection; it’s about fostering a way of life and an ethos of animal husbandry that values farm animals’ independence and well-being.

Furthermore, a battery-powered fence represents adaptability and environmental sensitivity.

There is no need for substantial wiring or regular grid demand. This autonomy is especially important in distant locations where power is scarce. The fence becomes a movable fortress with Numax batteries, versatile and ready to deploy wherever the need arises.

The value of a battery-powered electric fence in the UK goes beyond the immediate security it provides. It is about preserving a heritage, a way of life, and the peaceful coexistence of man and nature. By powering these gates, Numax batteries are assuring the continuation of the pastoral symphony that has played across the countryside of the United Kingdom for generations.

To summarise, the electric fence is the unspoken protector of the UK’s pastoral setting

and Numax Electrified Fence Batteries are the silent warriors who keep this guardian on alert at all times. They constitute an unstoppable force, sustaining the balance between the cultivated idylls and the untamed instincts that wander the verdant expanses of this legendary area.

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