EXIDE EP1500 Dual AGM Marine-Leisure Battery

EP1500 Exide AGM Battery: For Majorcan Boat.

EP1500 Exide AGM battery

EP1500 Exide AGM battery

So this was to be one of the hazards of trading on the internet. My customer ordered the battery, and because of its size (50 kg), we would send it out by pallet truck.

To be fair,

we have never had any problems before with our pallet truck carriers! However, there’s always a first time, and this was to be it. So the Exide battery was sent out to a guy on the south coast near the Thames.

On arrival, the pallet was filled with some sort of scaffolding post and not the battery he had ordered. Angrily, the guy called my battery manager, Alex, and let me rip at him. Apparently, the battery was due to be delivered by the customer’s car. Then eventually, to a boat moored in a harbour on the island of Majorca in Spain.

Usually, sods law!

On contacting the couriers the battery on the pallet had gone missing. Fortunately we discovered it tucked away in a warehouse with the wrong label attached.

Of course, the labels were applied to the incorrect pallets. Anyhow, I then decided to correct the mistake and deliver the battery on our own delivery van. We had to be near Basildon before 10.30 p.m. This was the day the guy was supposed to leave for Spain.

As part of our great customer service,

I then called the guy and assured him that the Exide battery would be with him in good time. This I did, and after a 4.30 am start, I arrived at the guys’ home four hours later with another new Exide EP1500 Exide AGM battery.

As usual, I had a little chat

and discovered that the guy specialised in Volvo engines. Both repairing and fitting new engines He travelled between the UK and Spain to source the engine parts. The new battery was just a favour to the boat owner. All ended well, and the original battery will be returned to us in Halifax, UK.

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