Exide ER550 Dual Leisure Battery

ER550 Exide Leisure Battery: Shock on Arrival-No Ferrybridge PowerStation !

ER550 Exide leisure battery

ER550 Exide leisure battery
ER550 Exide leisure battery

ER550 Exide leisure battery

Over the years, millions of drivers have seen this iconic PowerStation. Because of its location on the A1/M62 intersection. Close to the Ferrybridge motorway services. Subsequently, the Ferrybridge power stations were a mix of three coal-fired power stations. I am situated on the River Aire near Ferrybridge in my beloved West Yorkshire, England.

An original bridge was first built in 1198 over the River Aire. It is also important historically because of a battle there in 1461 during the War of the roses.

ferrybridge PowerStation before demolition
Ferry PowerStation before demolition.

ER550 Exide leisure battery

Recently, my blogs have been less frequent. I have had a knee replacement operation on one of my long-suffering knees. Of course, I was unable to drive and was not able to deliver my batteries.

My readers will know how much I love to travel in this great country of ours. So, taking in the scenery while at the same time making a living. Although my knee is by no means fully recovered, I can now continue driving.

Not too far at first!

Of course, I have restricted my driving to the Yorkshire and Lancashire areas. Because my knee will take more time to heel and stiffen up when driving too far. However, this particular delivery of an ER550 Exide leisure battery was just down the M62 motorway to Ferrybridge.

Ferrybridge is a small village next to the landmark power station. It had been several weeks before I passed the huge power station. On arrival, I went straight to the customer’s house and delivered the Exide Leisure battery. The customer had a large caravan in his drive; presumably that’s what the battery was for!

Four Cooling towers missing

On my return to the M62 motorway, I noticed that large chunks of the power station were missing. The massive chimneys and the main station building were all missing.

I was shocked to find out that the Ferry bridge power station was being totally demolished. There were also four of the giant cooling towers missing, leaving the last two still in place.

This Yorkshire electricity supplier has been a landmark since 1966. which, incidentally, is all my driving life. Heaven knows what’s going to replace it, but it will be interesting to see!

Forward to 2022, and ferrybridge PowerStation is completely demolished. Just when the price of fuel is soaring due to the Russian dependency on gas in Europe. Coal is going to be reinstated as a viable fuel going forward.

What a huge mistake by the UK government. Perhaps mothballing would have been a better option!


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