Exide ER650 Dual Leisure Battery

ER650 Exide Boat batteries: delivered to Abingdon Lock

ER650 Exide boat batteries
ER650 Exide boat batteries

ER650 Exide boat batteries

ER650 Exide boat batteries

A deep-cycle leisure battery, also known as a cabin battery, is built to effectively discharge a low and stable current over an extended period of time. It operates on a deep cycle.

A leisure battery can accommodate multiple charge and discharge cycles. Throughout its lifetime. Because it is built with stronger battery plates and a denser active material than a regular “engine battery”.

Before they need to be recharged, some deep-cycle battery types can reach a Depth of Discharge (DoD) rate of up to 80%. Although, in my opinion, a target of 50% should be aimed at. This gives the battery a longer lifespan. In other words, the more discharge a battery has, the shorter the life of the battery.

Regular leisure batteries and gel leisure batteries are the two primary categories of leisure batteries: ER650 Exide boat batteries

Exide offers a wide selection of each. Campervans and other similar applications utilise the conventional AGM variety, whereas boats and other maritime craft use gel recreational batteries.

The term “gel” refers to a gel-like electrolyte, or battery acid. That prevents spills and shields the battery from water contact. Gel recreational batteries, unlike conventional “wet” batteries, have sealed casings that guard against damage.

For further safety in the event of an accident, gel leisure batteries are now commonly used in campervans and other recreational vehicles. The Exide ER650 is a reliable and effective marine and narrow boat battery.

So this battery order was for 6 ER650 Exide boat batteries.

The batteries were for a guy who lives on a houseboat moored on the River Thames, close by Abingdon Locks.

The chosen delivery day was Saturday. because there is far less traffic on the way to Oxford, making the journey more pleasant. So our driver decided to have an early start (5 a.m., in fact). This would ensure that the customer received the batteries early, with time to fit them.

Some of these boat batteries are fitted in difficult places

and it can take hours to fit the six new Exide batteries. On arrival, our driver contacted the customer by phone. The guy was in the shower and quickly got dressed to meet our driver near the famous lock in about ten minutes.

Greetings were exchanged, and the batteries were duly delivered. Our driver was very impressed with the Abingdon area and chose to add a bit about the area.

Exide boat batteries to Abingdon on Thames
© Can Stock Photo / photolado

Abingdon-on Thames

As soon as you drive through the narrow streets of Abingdon you get a sense of history. The whole town has an old but dignified feel about it. similar to the older towns in North Yorkshire.

History can be sensed throughout the whole area.

including along the River Thames before it rolls into nearby London.

According to the “Discover Abingdon” website, Abingdon is reputed to be the oldest town in England. Starting out as a pre-Neolithic settlement, archaeological and object proof shows the town has been developing on this site for thousands of years. 

So if you are in the area, it’s well worth a visit. My driver certainly enjoyed the place and made it safely home after delivering the 6 x ER650 Exide batteries and making it home for lunch.

Original posted December 11th 2021

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