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ER660 Exide Leisure batteries to Kip Marina Scotland.

ER660 Exide Leisure batteries to Kip Marina Scotland.

ER660 Exide Leisure batteries to Kip Marina Scotland.

Last week, I had the pleasure of delivering 4 x ER660 Exide Marine Leisure Batteries to a yacht in the beautiful Inverkip Marina. A coastal town and marina way up past Glasgow. It was a great opportunity to explore this wonderful location and see the marina in action. Here are some highlights from my visit:

Arriving at Inverkip Marina

As I drove towards Inverkip, I was struck by the beauty of the coastal scenery. The rolling hills, rugged coastline, and sparkling blue waters were simply breath-taking. As usual, I was excited to see the marina up close and explore the area.

As I approached the marina, I was impressed by its size and the number of boats docked there. Although the weather was clear but cold, the marina was bustling with activity. Of course including, sailors and boaters preparing for their next adventure. This customer was planning to sail to Southampton in England and then onto the Caribbean Islands.

Delivering the 4 x Exide batteries

After navigating my way through the marina, I finally found the yacht I was delivering the batteries to. The owner of the yacht was a friendly man who was pleased to receive his new batteries. We chatted for a while about the benefits of the ER660 Exide Marine Leisure Batteries, which are known for their reliability and long-lasting power.

Once the ER660 Exide Leisure batteries were loaded onto the yacht, I took some time to explore the marina and take in the sights and sounds. Here are some things that stood out to me:

  • The marina has 600 berths for boats of various sizes, making it one of the largest in the area.
  • The marina is well-maintained and wonderfully clean
  • The town of Inverkip is a great location for visiting the surrounding area.
  • Inverkip is bustling with small shops and supermarkets offering everything the visitor could wish for on a short or long stay holiday.

Welcome to Inverkip Marina

A, picturesque coastal village located in Inverclyde, Scotland. In this area, a modern marina was constructed on land excavated by the Royal Engineers during World War II. The construction of the marina began in the late 1960s, along with a new by-pass road, which almost isolated the original village due to the construction of Inverkip Power Station.

ER660 Exide Leisure batteries to Kip Marina Scotland.
Thomas Nugent / Inverkip Power Station / CC BY-SA 2.0

The marina was finally completed in 1973 and has since been a popular attraction, boasting 600 berths for boats of various sizes. Its location on the scenic coastline provides breath-taking views of the water and is a haven for water sports enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful getaway.

The old main thoroughfare still stands and is a testament to the village’s history. Many of the original buildings have been preserved, adding to the charm of the area. The village has also seen a population increase due to the development of modern housing on once-farmland.

Inverkip is not only a stunning location but also offers a beautiful coastal walk and cycle route that stretches to Gourock and beyond. The route is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities, and it allows visitors to soak in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Finally, I would just like to mention that Lunderston Bay and Belle Vue are two breath-taking locations for visitors to see. So, they can be found in the region of Inverkip in Scotland and are both well worth a trip there. After a quick tour of the area I delivered the ER660 Exide Leisure batteries and returned home without any problems except a few traffic hold ups.

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