ET550 Exide batteries to Penshaw Monument: A Storied Gem in North East UK

ET550 Exide batteries to Penshaw Monument

ET550 Exide batteries to Penshaw Monument

ET450 Exide batteries to Penshaw Monument
ET550 Exide batteries to Penshaw Monument

This particular trip to deliver some Exide batteries was to caravan and Motorhome Park in the north east of England.

On previous trips, I have noticed a huge mound with what looked like a Roman colosseum style building perched on the top. From a distance the monument looked huge, and believe me when I finally arrived nearby it was!  

My delivery was for 4 x ET550 Exide Semi-Traction Batteries,

to a caravan park near to Penshaw, not far from the better known City of Sunderland.

On arrival with the ET550 Exide batteries to Penshaw Monument, it was clear to see why this massive structure could be seen for many a mile. The motorhome owner knew a little about the moment the “Penshaw Monument” was built and why it was built.

So, perched majestically atop Penshaw Hill, the Penshaw Monument looms grandly over Sunderland, Tyne and Wear in North East England. The grandiose structure could be seen for moles and has been a beacon of regional pride since its completion in 1844.

Historically, the Penshaw Monument has a rather compelling origin.

The idea to build the monument was conceived in memory of John George Lambton. Known as the first Earl of Durham.

Lambton was a beloved figure, famed as a radical reformer and a champion for the working class. Thus, it’s hardly surprising that his memory was immortalized with such a striking monument.

Remarkably, the monument was not a government initiative, but rather a grassroots project.

 Residents and workers in the area banded together to raise the necessary funds and erect the structure, displaying a level of community cohesion that continues to reverberate even to this day. In spite of this, the construction of the monument was not without its share of challenges. The efforts of the Labourers, who toiled tirelessly despite frequently adverse climatic conditions, will be immortalized in stone because they refused to give up.

The design of the Penshaw Monument is one of the most notable aspects of the structure.

The Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, Greece served as the inspiration for this structure; as a result, it has a style that is unmistakably Greek. It always looked Roman to me!

This connection to ancient Greece not only demonstrates Lambton’s appreciation for Hellenic culture, but it also serves as a symbol of the enduring nature of democratic ideals, a cause that Lambton passionately advocated for.

There is no denying that the monument has come to be identified with the region in its entirety.

As it rises to a height of twenty meters, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the landscape that is all around it, particularly during the morning and evening hours. Picnics are a popular activity on this hilltop, and visitors and locals alike can frequently be seen there taking pleasure in the breathtaking vistas and peaceful atmosphere.

Unfortunately, in 1926, the monument’s spiral staircase that led up to the roof was shut down as a result of a terrible accident. After being closed off for nearly eight decades, the staircase did not reopen to the public in a secure manner until 2011. Since then, guests have had the opportunity to experience an even more elevated perspective.

The history of the Penshaw Monument is not only a tribute to the memory of John George Lambton, but it is also a reflection of the resiliency and community spirit that exists in the region.

Even though it towers proudly over the ever-changing landscape of North East England, it undoubtedly serves as a constant reminder of the past. This is especially true given the location of the structure.

The monument has been a silent sentinel to history

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and a beacon of continuity in the midst of change throughout the years as it has stood still and watched the gradual transformations that have taken place in the surrounding area.

In conclusion, the Penshaw Monument, which is located in the midst of the verdant landscapes of North East UK, carries with it a rich tapestry of history, community spirit, and the enduring legacy of one of England’s most revered figures.

 In addition, the monument bears the name of the man whose life it commemorates, one of England’s most revered figures. As the monument continues to keep watch, it continues to be an unmissable symbol of Sunderland and the wider region. This is an enduring testament to the historical significance and ageless appeal that the monument possesses.

This was to be another great day delivering the 4 x ET550 Exide Semi-Traction Batteries. These batteries are true heavy duty, semi traction batteries. Suitable for all types of leisure vehicles that have many electrical gadgets and also solar collection from solar panels.

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