Exide AGM Car batteries

Exide AGM Car batteries

Exide AGM Car batteries
Exide AGM Car batteries

Exide AGM Car batteries

AGM batteries, which are also called “absorbed glass mat” batteries, make lead-acid batteries work better and be safer. The electrolyte in these batteries is held in place by a fibreglass mat, which aids in preventing leaks and enhances the efficiency of electrical transfer.

Because they are sealed, Exide AGM Car batteries are safer and require less maintenance than traditional lead-acid batteries.
AGM batteries are still frequently used in many different applications today. Vehicles like cars, boats, and motorcycles frequently use them as a power source. They are also used in solar and wind power systems, as well as in backup power systems like those found in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

AGM batteries are also frequently used in medical equipment, recreational vehicles like RVs and campers, as well as other applications that call for a dependable and maintenance-free power source.

They can resist the repeated charging and draining needed in start-stop autos

AGM batteries are employed in these vehicles. Start-stop vehicles are made to save fuel by turning off the engine when the car is stopped, like at a stop sign.

Of course, then start it again when the driver is ready to take the wheel again. This can put a lot of stress on the battery, but Exide AGM Car batteries are better equipped than conventional lead-acid batteries to sustain this kind of application.

Start-stop cars can consume less gasoline than traditional cars because they make better use of the engine. Start-stop vehicles are able to conserve petrol and diesel by turning off the engine when the vehicle is stopped, as opposed to leaving it running when idle.

According to research, Exide AGM Car batteries

Start-stop technology can actually increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by up to 10%. As a result, over the course of the vehicle’s lifetime, fuel expenses may be significantly reduced.

Of course, it is now common knowledge in the battery world.

So, Exide was the first battery manufacturer to create AGM start-stop batteries for use in cars. As a result, as far back as 2004. Many improvements have been made since the first AGM battery was made by the Exide engineers. Technology has vastly improved to help make the new generation of Exide AGM batteries.

Exide has invested millions of dollars in extremely advanced manufacturing techniques and the facilities to do this. Undeniably. Exide is probably the world’s top supplier of AGM batteries. supplying the world’s car manufacturers with batteries for the original equipment market. So, meeting the stringent requirements of top car makers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz

Importantly, Exide has a world-wide supply chain to cater for the huge after-market supplies of their battery products.

Exide’s Start-Stop AGM battery uses high-performance components and materials, including high-surface glass mat separators, advanced lead-tin alloys, and unique carbon additives in the active mass. It is ideally suited to cars with start-stop and/or regenerative braking systems. This new-generation AGM battery also supports sailing as well as other intelligent fuel-saving features.