Exide batteries-car batteries online

Exide batteries-car batteries online

Exide Batteries: A Historic battery brand

W.W. Gibbs, the company’s founder, set up Exide batteries with ambition. Of course, Gibbs was then an executive at a local gas company. So, because we were familiar with the types of power sources, he saw the potential of electricity! Importantly, it is another source of power for things such as lighting and heating. successfully bought out the patents of French inventor Clement Payen.

Gibbs used the Frenchman’s advanced electrical storage ideas to turn them into a commercial adventure. Of course, this was to be the start of Exide batteries. So, soon, electrical storage, as in batteries, was going to play a big part in the military.

Importantly, when Commander Byrd of the US military set up a base in Antarctica, these battery products were used to power countless torpedoes in World War II.

Exide used in the first Lunar Landing

Exide was becoming well established! Consequently, they were called up by the American Space Centre to be used for solar energy storage for the NASA moon landing module.

So the rest is history, and Exide went on to become one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers. powering up cars and trucks all over the USA and soon the rest of the world.

Incredible! Exide now makes many types of deep-cycle energy storage systems. Including, specialty applications for the motorhome, transportation, network power, and motive power markets. Not to mention the other industries!

So, including agricultural batteries, automotive batteries, electric, light, and heavy-duty truck batteries So, other important uses for Exide batteries are in the AGM battery range.

Moving forward into 2020, we will be offering the prestigious and popular Exide 096 car batteries at a special price.

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