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Exide Battery Leaders: from

Exide Battery Leaders

Exide Battery Leaders

Exide Battery Leaders

I have got to admit that I do keep ranting about Exide batteries. If you are looking for long life in your battery, including reliability, Exide is the one for you. The owner of the narrow boat whose batteries they happened to be for greeted me when I recently delivered Exide batteries to a sizable boat yard in the West Midlands.

When I arrived at the large marina, I called the guy upon my arrival. Consequently, I spoke to him about his old Exide batteries. To my surprise, he told me that they were on his boat when he bought it ten years ago. So, these old batteries were over ten years old. Not very good for business, I thought! lasts too long, perhaps!

However, the customer is always right, so we dropped off his six new Exides and  loaded his old batteries onto my van.

Exide Battery Leaders
Exide Battery Leaders

Exide Boat Batteries:

Providing Energy for Your Inland Water Adventures
Hello there! If you’re a narrowboat enthusiast or someone who enjoys cruising along Britain’s scenic canals, you know that dependable power is essential. Whether you’re cruising the quiet canals of Yorkshire or the calm waters of the Thames, the last thing you want is for your boat’s battery to die halfway through the excursion. That’s where Exide boat batteries come in, and I’m here to tell you why they’re a good fit for your watery adventures.

Why Should You Buy an Exide Narrowboat battery?

Exide Technologies, which has a history reaching back to the nineteenth century, has been producing batteries since before the first automobile rolled down the streets. With such a history, it’s no surprise that they’ve become linked with dependability and quality.

For those interested in history, Exide played an important role during WWII, providing batteries for submarines and military equipment. That’s a fun fact to tell your friends over a pint!

Maintaining Shipshape Below Deck-Exide Battery Leaders

Let us now get down to business. Narrowboats and inland water vessels are a different kettle of fish than traditional sea-faring vessels. They require a battery that can handle the special demands of inland waterway travel, such as powering the lights and appliances on board and guaranteeing that the engine starts every time with a turn of the key.

Exide’s maritime range was created specifically for this purpose. Their batteries come in a variety of forms and sizes, specifically designed to fit the tight compartments of a narrowboat, preventing you from cramming a square peg into a round hole.

All Aboard the Green Energy Express

Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about being eco-friendly and lowering our carbon footprint, and Exide is on board. Their batteries are not only long-lasting, but they are also environmentally friendly. They’re designed to be recharged multiple times, giving you enough of juice for all of your boating demands without the need for continual refilling. That’s excellent news for your wallet as well as Mother Nature.

A Reliable Power Source in Any Weather

The weather in the United Kingdom is infamous for its volatility; one minute it’s sunny, and the next you’re caught in a rainstorm. Exide batteries are designed to withstand this volatility, guaranteeing that even when the skies open up, your narrowboat’s heart continues to beat without a hiccup.

A Nod to the Past

When you use an Exide battery, you’re not just investing in quality; you’re also carrying a piece of history with you on your waterway adventures. Think about it: driving a brand that has seen the turn of two centuries, you are meandering through the locks and past structures from the Industrial Revolution. Isn’t there a kind of poetry in that?

Some more Thoughts-Exide Battery Leaders

So, whether you’re a liveaboard, a leisure cruiser, or a weekend waterway warrior, an Exide boat battery may be your dependable friend, ensuring that your journey is smooth sailing (or driving, to be more specific). With a dependable Exide in your narrowboat, you’ll have more time to appreciate the rolling scenery, the small taverns along the towpaths, and the company of other boaters.

Remember that the perfect battery is about more than simply power; it’s about the peace of mind it provides, allowing you to focus on the joy of the voyage. So, the next time you cast off, know that Exide has your back.

Safe journeys on Britain’s magnificent inland waterways, and may your battery last as long as the continuing allure of our canals. Cheers!

Boat people have many different views. Exide Battery Leaders

Strangely, I never realised just how many narrow boats there actually were on the UK canal system. According to a recent article in the “Financial Times,” there are 33,000 canal boats trudging across the UK canal network. Of course, this is a huge battery market. Every boat has an average of six batteries. Both to power the engines and provide electricity for the on-board electrics.

Like any other walk of life, boaters are all different.

So when their batteries are gone, they will buy a mixture of different batteries. Many go for the cheapest boat batteries. These will probably last about two years. However, people seem to be happy with that. The really keen and knowledgeable narrow boat owner will probably go for the AGM batteries.

Although these batteries are much more expensive, they will last much longer than the cheaper options. Apollopower and Numax batteries are probably the market leaders. Of course, we sell both brands. So no problems there?

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