LED95 Varta Duel Purpose EFB Batteries

Exide Camper Van Batteries

Exide Camper Van Batteries

Exide Camper Van Batteries

AP100 Leisure battery

When travelling in motorhomes or caravans, your safety and comfort are directly related to the electrical supply that is provided to all of the equipment. Batteries are typically the source of this supply. Batteries are responsible for important operations such as the preservation of food.

Water supply, radio/GPS supply, and heating and cooling for the room are all provided. Because effective energy storage is essential for the vehicle to continue moving forward,

Exide is pleased to announce its new Leisure battery offering,

Of course, this covers energy storage needs, that are shared by both private users and professional installers. When purchasing a motorhome or caravan, it is important to select the appropriate leisure battery.

So, the electrical supply will endure for a longer period of time, resulting in an enhanced length of trip as well as a higher level of comfort. In addition, new premium types for leisure activities are the first products of their kind available on the market to feature both verifications from the National Caravan Council of the United Kingdom (NCC) and approvals from DNV-GL for The AGM and GEL varieties

Exide Camper Van Batteries
Exide Camper Van Batteries

The first thing that I noticed is that the new “Jerba Tiree” is fitted with a charge relay system.

including a split relay system that is fully intelligent. Together with an AGM leisure battery assisted by a “Blue Motion” energy-saving brake recuperation system,. As expected, the camper van is fully equipped. The VW is based on the Transporter T6 model. Therefore, meeting all the new Euro 6 emission standards, which also offer better fuel economy,.

Of course, this great camper van includes many classic and traditional features associated with Tiree products. includes a rear double seat that converts into a bed. In addition, the van has a full kitchen with many storage units. giving the camper van lots of good storage. Unbellievably, all of the seating is protected by safety-tested seat belts. Of course, the belts conform to the latest European standards.

Exide Camper Van Batteries

The Exide Dual Battery range was developed specifically for boats and caravans, and each consumer only needs one battery bank. Additionally, it is appropriate for additional batteries to be connected directly to electrical winches, thrusters, and trolling motors.

Using the batteries results in a partial discharge of their capacity. The DUAL battery’s reinforced design, in conjunction with an effective charging procedure, is the key to achieving the best possible result and the longest possible service life.

The DUAL battery range,

Of course, a battery that offers Wh* performance ranging from 350 to 660 Wh, is the best option for satisfying all dual-supply requirements for the most common types of recreational boats, including motorhomes and campervans.

The Exide camper van battery is well-equipped and recommended for all types and styles of motorhomes. As a result, these excellent Exide batteries come in sizes ranging from small to extra large. both in terms of physical size and battery capacity Therefore, depending on the size of your requirements, there is an Exide for you.

These batteries are semi-traction batteries and are perfect for non-hook-up situations. These batteries can be used in any leisure situation. including boats, motorhomes, and caravans, and also for solar panel storage.

The van is fitted with many VW factory features. Which can be found on the Tiree website.


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