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Exide EP1500 Boat battery-Near to Kilmartin Stone Circles.

Exide EP1500 boat batteries

Exide EP1500 boat batteries

So, I had an order for two of these Exide EP1500 boat batteries to be shipped to an address in Scotland. The batteries are massive, weighing 50 kg each. So, these batteries are mainly used on larger vessels, and this is no exception.

Due to the remote access, pallet delivery was not an option. Excitingly, this was going to be a job for me. The batteries were to be delivered to a yacht repair and storage yard close by a small village on the west coast called Kilmelford. The village was south of Oban on the A816 coastal road. On long trips such as this, I always play it safe and book an overnight stay, mixing business with pleasure, so to speak.

Oban is well worth a visit-Exide EP1500 boat batteries

Scotland’s longest freshwater loch, Loch Awe, stretches for 25 magnificent miles through the breath-taking Highlands. It’s breath-taking to see when you go along the shore from Oban by vehicle or train. But if you take the time to pause here, you’ll learn so much more.

Although still mostly undiscovered, this breath-taking region of Scotland has a lot to offer. Of course, from recognisable castles to unforgettable animal encounters Epic walking and cycling trails encircle Loch Awe in the form of mountains and glens.

As you travel across this extraordinarily varied region, discover rivers, waterfalls, moorland, and forest. Consider going on the water instead. The fishing at Loch Awe is well known worldwide. Of course, I did not have time to explore on this trip. However, Loch Awe is definitely on my to-do list in the future.

Indeed, later, I booked into a nearby village hotel and pub. This was in the village of Kilmartin and was indeed called the “Kilmartin Hotel

On arrival-Exide EP1500 boat batteries

On arrival in the area, I decided to deliver the 2 x Exide EP1500 boat batteries to the Yatch facility. This would give me some time to have a look around this beautiful area of stunning mountains, clear blue seas, and lochs. The area is known as “Argyll and Bute” and is well worth a visit.

Also, could I mention the hotel? My accommodations were excellent, and the evening meal was well worth the wait! I had not eaten all day and was extremely hungry.

Kilmartin is at the head of a flat valley

known as “Kilmartin Glenn” and is surrounded by sheltering mountains. perfectly sheltered from the elements. Importantly, I noticed that some of the area adjacent to the main road had what looked like “stone age burial grounds” and included some “stone circles” similar to but smaller than the famous ones in “Stonehenge.”

Indeed, the local church across from the hotel/pub had some samples of local finds. Next to the pub is an unfinished building that will serve as a local museum. As a result, visitors will be shown the most recent discoveries and the history of these extremely valuable prehistoric finds and places to visit.

Roll up, roll up, adventurers and history nerds alike! We’re starting a mysterious adventure through time today. Destination? The amazing stone age graveyards in Scotland in Kilmartin Glen!

Set the stage, then! Exide EP1500 boat batteries

History can be heard from every rock and blade of grass in the Scottish region of Kilmartin Glen. a location that seems to have stood still in time and is breathtakingly silent.

Imagine it now! These areas were walked by ancient people about 5,000 years ago. And with a little creativity and respect, we may walk in their shoes and take in the same sights that our forefathers did. What a great idea, huh?

A remarkable number of cairns, or stone age burial grounds, can be found near Kilmartin Glen. Not one or two, but an incredible quantity! a proof of the region’s lengthy history.

Folks, these funeral cairns from the Neolithic and Bronze Age

aren’t just rock mounds! No, they are reminders of our history, historical markers. It seems as though the ancestors are still communicating with us through these rocky outcrops. When they say, “We had arrived. We were born, we fell in love, and we passed away. And this is our evidence!”

A trip to Kilmartin Glen and its prehistoric graveyards is like travelling back in time. It’s almost as though you can still sense the occupants of this place. These silent stones contain their stories and lives!

Thus, why go to Kilmartin Glen? Why would somebody seek out these historic cemeteries? In a nutshell, for the sense of history, the link to our past, and the overall magic! exide ep1500 dual agm battery.

Make time to explore Kilmartin Glen the next time you’re in Scotland.

Close your eyes as you stand near the cemeteries and pay attention to the ghostly echoes of the past. a truly emotional encounter! dual agm battery is designed.

Keep in mind that history is more than simply dates and worn-out tomes. It’s about people, about places like Kilmartin Glen, and about tales. Why then wait? Find out about the wonders of the past right now!

This delivery was yet another outstanding weekend, and I returned home early on Sunday, ready for another great week ahead. battery exide ep1500 dual agm, battery is designed for boats.

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