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Exide EP800 Leisure battery-To Bonny Scotland

Exide EP800 Leisure battery

Exide EP800 Leisure battery

I am now seeing an increase in leisure battery sales, at long last. Importantly, then, I believe it is because of the end of the COVID-19 crisis here in England.

Consequently, motorhome and caravan owners are starting to plan their 2022 holidays. So, orders for various leisure batteries are coming in from all over the UK. including from north of the border in Scotland.

Hence, this past weekend saw a number of deliveries in a cluster, starting in Perth and heading south towards the Falkirk area. The batteries ordered were all large and out of the reach of our normal couriers due to the batteries’ individual weights.

Normal Scotland trip in a day

After working out the pallet costs, I decided this was going to be a delivery run for one of our vans. Happily, I decided that this trip would be for me. So as the business owner and writer of our blogs, I can “kill two birds with one stone,” as the saying goes!

While taking in the beautiful Scottish scenery, I am always on the lookout for some place of interest to write about in my blogs. Castles are a favourite of mine, simply because there are thousands here in the UK and you can usually see them from miles away.

So, my first drop was some truck batteries for a huge crane for a company in Inveraldie, north of Dundee. Speedily, I then headed for a private address in “Almond Bank,” a small town just off the A85 trunk road.

This would be for the Exide EP800 Leisure battery, delivered to a guy who had ordered it for his new caravan.

The journey to Almond Bank, like all journeys in Scotland, promises the allure of stunning landscapes, rugged hills, and the occasional sneak peek of an ancient castle or two dotting the horizon. The journey to Almond Bank will take about three hours. Something about those stones that have been worn down by the elements pulls at my heartstrings; it’s like I can’t help but hear echoes of bygone eras when I look at them.

But I digress. Our dependable Exide EP800 Leisure battery is today’s shining example of excellence. This gentleman is up for the challenges that the demanding Scottish weather has in store for him in the days to come. Believe me when I say that the longevity of this battery is one of the few things, other than the unpredictability of the weather in Scotland, that you can count on.

As our first stop of the day, we will make our way to the bustling city of Inveraldie, where we will deliver a set of truck batteries to a local business in order to power a massive crane. The next stop is in the charming town of Almond Bank, which is conveniently located a short distance from the A85 trunk road.

Exide EP800 Leisure battery
No Rush! Exide EP800 Leisure battery

The Exide EP800 Leisure battery took me past a strange-looking building. just off the roadway. On investigation, I found it to be “Huntingtower Castle.” Strangely, I thought it looked more like an old “flour mill,” where they would have ground wheat to make bread with.

However, it is undoubtedly classified as a castle. On reading up about it, I discovered that this was very historic. Indeed, the castle was where Mary Queen of Scots and her new husband, Lord Darnley, actually stayed. Of course, during the “Chase About Raid.” Hence, when the royal couple saw off a rebellion, So, uncovering some important stages in Scottish history

So my deliveries were completed that afternoon, and I headed to my pre-booked hotel before returning to England the following day. The hotel was, of course, a “Premier Inn”. Because they consistently provide the highest quality at a reasonable price throughout the United Kingdom.

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