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Exide ES1350 Gel Batteries Delivered close to Elveden War Memorial Site

Exide ES1350 Gel Batteries

Exide ES1350 Gel Batteries

Exide ES1350 Gel Batteries

Norfolk Broads are back in Business after COVID-19.

Although it has taken a while, we are thrilled to report that we will begin cruising once more on the Norfolk Broads. As long as the government continues to provide good news on the decline in the R rate, we will resume cruising. Initially, we will follow the same rules as bars and restaurants, which state that parties can consist of no more than six individuals, two households, or support bubbles.

However, we’ll keep an eye on things and strictly adhere to any official guidance, so our cruise policies could change.
Bookings and inquiries have been coming in thick and fast; therefore, we strongly advise you to do so as soon as you can in order to prevent disappointment. Click the link for information about our live availability.

We look forward to having you aboard Norfolk Time to relive the experiences you missed with your favourite people and celebrate anniversaries and other significant occasions that had to be postponed because of lockdown.

Boats moored in Norfolk Broads
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Of course, COVID did not stop me from delivering batteries to Norfolk, so life went on, so to speak.

Okay, let’s just jump right in, shall we? Everyone who enjoys being on the water, assemble! The Exide ES1350 Gel Batteries are the topic of discussion today because they are the best and most reliable batteries available. These little ones are the game-changers that your ship has been holding its breath for. Permit me to explain why it is.

First things first: dependability. Listen, we’ve all been there—stranded with a dead battery—and we all know how frustrating it can be. It’s horrible. Is it Exide ES1350 Gel Batteries? They make light of the situation by laughing in its face. Folks, the gel technology we’re talking about here is cutting-edge. Sincerity requires me to tell you that these batteries won’t fail you when you need them the most. There are no leaks or messes; just clean, unadulterated energy.

Alright, let’s move on to the next point. Maintenance, or more specifically, the absence of it. In all honesty, there is hardly any of it left. The Exide ES1350 Gel Batteries are almost completely maintenance-free, in contrast to traditional lead-acid batteries. There is no need to add more water, and there is no acid to contend with. Zip. Nada. And who doesn’t adore equipment that requires little to no upkeep? I am sure that I do.

Thirdly, let’s talk about how long a person lives. Nobody enjoys the inconvenience of having to pay for brand-new batteries every year. It is a nuisance in addition to being expensive. The Exide ES1350 Gel Batteries come with, get this, an impressive lifespan. Cue the applause because of this exciting development. You get more value than what you pay for in most cases. Value should be discussed.

And now for the clincher: its adaptability. These gel batteries aren’t just for days when you want to laze around the lake or sail around the lake. No, no. These are great for trolling motors, energy storage, and pretty much anything else you can think of. These boat batteries are like having a Swiss Army knife in your toolbox.

Before I conclude, I want to make sure we don’t overlook the importance of safety. Gel batteries, specifically this model by Exide, come with a safety valve already installed in the battery case. If there are no petrol emissions, there is no risk. Just pure, dependable, and environmentally friendly power. Also friendly to the environment, if that’s the sort of thing that interests you.

To summarise, then: When it comes to boat batteries, Exide ES1350 Gel Batteries are the equivalent of a Rolls-Royce. Dependable, requiring little to no upkeep, long-lasting, adaptable, and risk-free In all seriousness, what else could you possibly want?

You guys have been briefed. Keep those boats afloat until we meet again, and don’t forget to charge those batteries! Cheers!

Early this week was to be yet another delivery day for customers in Norfolk and Suffolk. Strangely, the batteries were all a mixture of different-sized Exide leisure batteries. Of course, this area is the home of the “Norfolk Broads.” These are an extensive network of waterways joined by rivers.

Because of this, the area has become a great tourist attraction and a playground for people who love boating. Including many holiday makers throughout the summer season.

So this is where we come in as an online battery seller. Batteries are an important commodity for boat owners. Some boats have several batteries fitted to operate them, and it has become an important area for us to sell our battery products.

Exide quality first

Many boat owners look for quality and longevity when it comes to replacing their boat batteries. My first drop was to a couple whose boat was moored outside their home in Wroxham. Wroxham is a main boating centre and is home to several large boat rental companies.

In conversation with the customers, I discovered that their old batteries lasted four years. They were happy with this, so they replaced the old ones with the new Exide batteries. The guy was a Norwich City supporter, so we had a good old conversation about football. Being Huddersfield Town fans, we had this in common.

Headed down the A11

However, after a couple more drops in the area, I headed down the A11 to get onto the A14 and the Cambridge area for my last delivery. This sale was to be for four Exide ES1350 Gel Batteries. These were on a farm near a village in Brandon.

I have traversed the A11 on many occasions. Once again, I was to pass a giant memorial at the side of the road. On my return, I was determined to look up some facts about this memorial. I consequently found out that it was the “Elveden War Memorial“. Millions of drivers must have passed this huge memorial and wondered what it was.

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The monument is staggering, and one cannot fail to be impressed by the size and prominence of the structure.



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