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Facts About Car Batteries- A Beginners Guide

Facts About Car Batteries

Facts About Car Batteries

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Being a beginner driver comes with a lot of responsibilities. You can start by learning more about important auto parts, such as batteries, and how they work.

As a car owner, how much do you know about car batteries? And how much do you think you should know? Every driver needs to have at least some basic knowledge about car batteries. On the road, anything can happen. You should be ready for it.

Car batteries are the sole source of power for your vehicle. You need to take good care of them and treat
them well.

Yet, many car owners don’t follow the basic safety steps to prolong their car batteries’ lives. It’s upsetting, especially considering how little you need to know to become a car battery master. So here is a list of simple facts about car batteries that every beginner should know. Let’s go!

Facts About Car Batteries
Facts About Car Batteries

The life span-Facts About Car Batteries

So, your car battery should live about 5-6 years. Of course, it depends on the type of car you drive, what climate you live in, or how often you use it. Still, 6 years is approximately the right period you should count on when getting a new battery.

However, this number will also significantly depend on how you treat the battery. For example, leaving your phone charging or GPS on when the engine is off is a terrible decision here. You will end up draining the power of your battery much faster. 
When your engine is working, it helps power up the rest of the electronics in your car, like headlights, for example. However, once the engine is off but your phone is still charging, the car battery becomes the sole provider of that energy. This is your receipt for quick battery death.

The death signs-Facts About Car Batteries

At some point, your battery will die on you. It’s just a matter of time. If you take good care of it, the battery will die later. Though, it will happen regardless. Hence, you need to know the signs of a near battery death to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 
Overall, the symptoms of a dying battery are rather obvious. A failing battery will result in a slow cranking of your engine.

When your start-up begins to take more than it usually does, it’s time to check your battery. Chances are, it doesn’t have much power left to start the engine. Another sign is failing electronics in the car. You should know where the problem is
when your lights, remote locks, or other battery-powered features randomly stop working. 

Another symptom is even more obvious.

Your dashboard will start to show the signal of a failing battery. Now, the car system usually shows it in advance, so don’t worry. It won’t die on you right away.

Yet, you shouldn’t ignore those signs for too long. If you were a student, you know the importance of a deadline. Just as you hated looking for expert essay writing help at the very last minute, you’ll struggle just the same with finding mechanics on your battery’s last ride.

It’s no fun, so do seek the battery replacement before it dies on you on the road. 
By the way, should we even mention that you must properly dispose of your car battery?

You can’t just toss it into the rubbish dump. Be mindful about it and seek recycling options in your area. The least you can do is give a dead battery to your mechanic or store until you find an environmentally friendly solution.

Weather matters-Facts About Car Batteries

Climate can significantly affect your car battery life. Its performance will always depend on the weather, such as if it is cold or hot. The thing is, the liquid electrolyte inside the battery is rather sensitive to climate changes. It is the necessary component that helps hold a charge.
Hence, when the weather is changing, this element can become a bit tricky.

For example, we all know that starting a car in cold seasons is much harder than when it’s warm. Such a thing happens due to the freezing liquids in your battery. Hence, the car battery can’t transmit its full power to the engine, which results in a very difficult start-up. 
The solution here is to buy a battery heater. Those things help regulate the temperature around your battery and ensure an easy start-up, even in winter.

The bottom line-Facts About Car Batteries

As you can see, you don’t even need to be a car nerd to know all those simple but essential facts. Just pay attention to your car. Do regular check-ups and be mindful of the weather.

We, car lovers, have to stick together and spread awareness about the importance of Facts About Car Batteries.

After all, thanks to the car batteries we don’t have to turn on the car engines by
hand, like in the old times. We ought to show them gratitude by learning more about them.

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