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Failed Batteries Covid Hazard: more common than ever

Failed Batteries Covid Hazard

Failed Batteries Covid Hazard
Failed Batteries Covid Hazard

Failed Batteries Covid Hazard

So this article is all about the fact that millions of cars have been destroyed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, garages are encouraged to check the car’s battery status when the car has a service. Importantly, I did think that this was standard procedure. Here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax, UK, we test every car’s battery when we service it.

This will pick up any battery failure problem that would probably let the driver down in the future. So, what we do is report any battery that our tester may pick out as a possible future battery failure. Of course, this is now showing up as drivers slowly venture out and about in their vehicles for perhaps the first time in months.

Battery sales online have recently soared! Causing many battery shortages not only in the UK but the rest of Europe. In fact, one battery size, the 115AGM stop start battery is almost impossible to locate at the moment.

Leisure batteries will be the next shortage

So, the government is expected to give us all a road map. Enabling us all to perhaps go on holiday again. Including the massive army of motorhome and caravan owners. There is little doubt that this sector will be screaming out for new batteries as they are allowed to travel again.

These battery sizes include the XV31MF leisure batteries, which are easily the most common size used in this sector. So, I would recommend that the owners of these vehicles try to source a new battery as early as possible! There will be a shortage of these batteries.

Battery experts at VARTA, battery manufacturer in Europe, are recommending for technicians to check the status of all car’s batteries entering the workshop. This is now more important than ever as so many cars have not

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