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Fitting a Battery on a BMW 3

Fitting a Battery on a BMW 3

Fitting a Battery on a BMW 3

Of course, I think it is very important to show videos about “how to fit” car batteries. So, these videos are aimed at competent DIY motorists. As expected, there are guys out there who are confident enough and will give it a go. For this reason , they will be confident enough when buying their batteries online. from companies such as us here at BatteriesOnTheWeb.

Therefore, when buying your BMW car batteries online, it is important to check the measurements of your old ApolloPower battery. Another good point is that you should also make a note of where your battery terminals are fitted. Of course, many motorists think that fitting a bigger battery is better. In my opinion, this is not necessary. Car owners should try to stick to the same power size as the battery fitted to their cars.

Just replicate the battery that was fitted as original equipment.

As a result, the car manufacturers created it to fit your particular model of car. This makes the battery the best one. So replace your old battery with the same one you have fitted. This is now more important with the advent of the stop-start hybrid car market. We recently splashed out on a Jaguar F-Type SUV. This car is, consequently, fitted with a stop-start system and an AGM battery.

Some of the small car brands are also fitted with heavy-duty batteries-Fitting a Battery on a BMW 3

including thicker lead alloy plates. Of course, these too should have the exact same battery replacement. This type of battery, now fitted to many small cars, is an EFB Battery.

Text that accompanies this video: Battery Removal on BMW 3 Fitting Battery PLEASE note that I NO LONGER DO REQUESTS AS I don’t WORK FOR BMW ANY MORE BUT I’M STILL HAPPY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS

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