Flat Car Battery Problem: How to jump start your car

Flat Car battery Problem

Car Battery Flat
Flat Car battery Problem

Flat Car battery Problem

We have all had that sinking feeling as your car battery struggles to start on that first cold morning of winter. Of course, a dead battery is nothing to panic about.

Compared to other problems that a car may have, a Flat Car battery Problem can be an easy fix. We all know that a dead battery usually happens after your car has already been parked or unused. Usually outside your home in the street or in the driveway.

Hence, the chances are you might already be in a safe place to have your car battery jumped or your car even towed, if need be.

Flat batteries often occur at holiday periods, such as Christmas. So, dead batteries are products of your car not being used for a few days or even a week.  Sometimes it is just an old battery that has nothing in it to give anymore.

More often than not, a Flat Car battery Problem is just the result of your battery suffering from age. As a result, old car batteries are usually the main culprits for your car failing to start. Of course, it can happen anywhere. Most times, a dead battery will not give you any warning. This is because of all the car electronics and perhaps heaters linked to air conditioning systems.

This equipment takes a lot of power from the battery. In times gone by, your engine would start for a few days until the battery finally failed on you. So it would give you plenty of warning signs. Thus, before finally failing,

Car Battery Flat
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Flat Car battery Problem-battery boosting could get you out of trouble?

Of course, using a booster from another car battery could help you out. All you need is the proper equipment. Including a few very basic tips on jumping-starting your battery.

Which would help get you back on the road. You don’t expect something like a dead car battery to effect your car.

Your car battery is one of the simplest parts of your car. For this reason, jump-starting is not a task for all drivers to try and do. You must be familiar with your cars engine and car battery.

So, if you are confident, then have your jump cables ready for use. Making sure that they are not tangled and that they are in good condition. Both cars must have their engines turned off.

Make sure that the donor car and your car are close enough to each other so that the jump cables fit each battery.

Next, place the negative cable clamps on the negative battery posts. Of course, the negative posts are the smallest of the two posts on each battery, and the cables are coloured black.

So, then connect the positive clamps to the positive battery posts. The clamps for positives are coloured red. Never cross negative and positive cables, and never let the clamps touch each other when carrying out this operation.

Car Battery Flat-new battery would be the best option.

Once the two batteries are connected,you can start the car with the flat battery. The car should start, and then you should let the engine run to allow the battery to receive some fresh charge.

Remove the cables in the same order, and remember, do not let the cables touch while still connected to the battery. Significantly, make sure that your battery cables are in good condition and check for wear and breakages.

With the engine still running, you must get a new battery as soon as possible. Switch off most of the electrics, such as air conditioning, before setting off a new car battery.

If you are buying your battery online, then wait until the new battery arrives, and jumping starting should not be necessary. Of course, we recommend that you look at the ApolloPower range of car batteries online. replace your battery, do car batteries die, jumper cables, diy car service parts.

Over Christmas, drivers could be risking having a flat car battery due to a period of inactivity. Here’s what you need to do if your battery runs flat and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

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