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Flat Car Battery -Four good reasons

Flat Car Battery

Flat Car Battery

As a battery guy for the past 40 years, then it is easy to spot the signs of your car battery starting to fail. The funny thing is that a flat car battery will let you down in the most inconvenient place?

We know because we will go out to stranded motorists who are unlucky enough to have a car with a flat battery. Most times, it will be in the local supermarket car park. Or down a side street here in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. So here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to a flat car battery.

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The first and most common is the driver leaving the lights on.

This is the most common supermarket scenario. Drivers get out of their cars when it is pouring down with rain and leave the headlights on. It can happen when the driver gets home in the evening, but this applies to some older cars where the lights are switched on and off without using the ignition keys. I am an early riser, and when I take my dogs for a walk, I often see cars with parking lights left on. If the battery is old and perhaps on its way out, then this will kill the battery off, and you will end up with a flat car battery.

Flat Car Battery: Your car has a problem with the charging system

I must admit that this is getting less common. This usually shows up when the battery repeatedly goes flat. Most modern garages carry a tester that also tests your alternator at the same time. Driving around with an under-performing alternator will cause you problems. If you feel that you have a problem with your alternator, then it could be a couple of things.

The most common is that when your car starts, the red alternator warning light will stay on and warn you of an impending problem. Secondly, most alternators also power the car’s power steering. This will show up because the cars steering will become much stiffer and harder to turn. When we explain to drivers that this is due to their alternator not providing enough supply for the power steering, they are always perplexed.

Constantly going on Short journeys.

Driving your car allows the alternator to charge up the Varta car battery. The problem occurs once again when your battery is getting a little old. On a short journey, your battery will not charge up sufficiently. This ends up with you having a flat car battery and requiring assistance and a new battery. This is common with our older customers, who have to buy a new battery every two years.

How long should I keep my old battery running?

Some makes of cars have better electric systems than others. Most car owners like to keep their new car batteries in working order. Right up to the battery’s bitter end before buying a new one. There are no general rules to this, and so what I suggest is that you ask your garage to test and advise on the condition of your battery when the car is in for a service.

We at Pellon Auto Centre check every car battery on every service.

We report back to the owner if the battery is showing signs of distress, and we leave it to them if they want the car battery changed or not.

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