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Ford Focus Mk4 Lucas powerful battery

Ford Focus Mk4 Lucas powerful battery

Ford Focus Mk4 Lucas Powerful battery

The Ford Focus Mk4 is an extremely well-made car. It’s beautiful to look at and a blast to drive. Yet, just like any other car, it may eventually need to have certain parts changed. Of course, the start/stop battery is one such part.

Ford Focus Mk4 Lucas Powerful battery
Ford Focus Mk4 Lucas Powerful battery

A start-stop battery, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a specific kind of 12 volt battery engineered to meet the specific needs of start-stop technology. When you stop, the engine automatically turns off to prevent wasting fuel.

The car restarts when the accelerator is pressed. In order to keep going, the battery must keep starting the engine, which is very taxing on its resources. The Lucas EFB battery is specially designed and perfect for this purpose.

The Ford Focus Mk4 benefits greatly from the use of the high-quality Lucas Powerful battery start-stop produced by Lucas EFB. It has a 65 Ah capacity, therefore it should be able to meet the needs of the start-stop system without any problems. What’s more, its sturdy construction means it won’t need replacement very soon.

Ford Focus Mk4 Lucas Powerful battery
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The LE100 Lucas EFB battery is simple to install

Only requiring just common household tools. After installing your new battery, your vehicle’s performance will immediately increase. You may expect excellent operation from the start/stop mechanism and a consequent boost in MPG.

Upgrade Your Ford Focus Mk4 with the Lucas Powerful Battery

Boost Your Car’s Performance and Durability

The Ford Focus Mk4 is a beloved car among many drivers for its sleek design, efficiency, and reliability. However, every car needs a battery upgrade at some point.

This article presents the Lucas Powerful Battery as an ideal choice for you and your Ford Focus Mk4. Power Up Your Ride Experience unparalleled power with the Lucas Powerful Battery. It is a premium choice among Ford Focus Mk4 owners.

Replace your old battery and invest in a Lucas Battery to see a significant difference. Long-lasting Performance Designed to last, the Lucas Battery resists common battery issues and endures extreme weather conditions. It provides top-notch performance for your Ford Focus Mk4.

Easy Installation

Installing the Lucas Battery is a simple and quick process. You don’t need to have any mechanical experience as it fits perfectly in your Ford Focus Mk4 car.

Eco-friendly Choice

The Lucas Battery is an eco-friendly and recyclable option. By choosing it, you can contribute to a greener planet making it a responsible and sustainable option for your Ford Focus Mk4.

Affordable Quality

You don’t have to spend a fortune to upgrade the battery of your Ford Focus Mk4. The Lucas Battery offers high-quality performance at a pocket-friendly price.


Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your Ford Focus Mk4. Choose the Lucas Powerful Battery and experience improved performance, durability, and an eco-friendly option at an affordable price. It’s a smart choice for your car.

Upgrading to a Lucas EFB battery is a no-brainer if your Ford Focus Mk4’s start-stop system is acting up. It’ll dramatically enhance your driving experience, and it’s cheap and simple to fit into the allotted space. In that case, why delay any longer? You can get a Lucas LE100 EFB battery right now at your local online auto parts store.

Finally, Lucas batteries have been a large part of my battery portfolio for twenty years or so. I am supremely happy about what the Lucas battery product has done for my business. A high quality product with minimum warranties.

Ford Focus Mk4 Lucas Powerful battery
Ford Focus Mk4 Lucas Powerful battery

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