Ford Transit battery Replacement

Ford transit battery replacement

Ford Transit battery replacement

This article is about the 2015 version of the Transit van battery fitting. I must emphasise that as the vans get older, there are generally parts missing because the owners can’t be bothered to replace some of the original parts.

This is common with many types of parts that are not easy to fit. Another important thing is to check to see if the old battery is the correct one. Sometimes people will just go for the cheapest option, and the battery is not the correct one.

Although the wrong battery may start the van, it could affect the longevity of the batteries’ use. This is especially important if you are using the Ford Transit model as the base of a camper van or motorhome.

Transit battery fitted under the driver’s seat.

So, the Transit battery location is now under the driver’s seat. Normal vans have a straight forward seat fitted. However, camper vans and motorhomes may have a swivel seat fitted.

I have included a great video that will show the reader the seat removal process. I find this much easier than getting my words mixed up, and it is a great visual aid.

For the DIY motorist- Ford transit battery replacement

A Torx-headed socket set would come in handy, as car manufacturers are now using these as the norm!

It’s also important to note that the Ford original equipment battery will be a “Motorcraft battery.” The Motorcraft batteries are made using silver-calcium technology. Importantly, other well-known brands do make a replacement battery to match the Ford OE batteries.

In my experience, the Transits come in two battery models. First and foremost is the Varta F18 (110) or F19 (115) silver battery. The 110 is 315mm long, 175mm wide, and 175mm high.

The other battery model is

the Varta H3 (019) silver battery. coming in at 353mm (length) x 175mm (width) x 190mm (height). So when you get to the stage of removing the old battery, double-check the part number. replacing it with the correct battery.

These Varta Silver batteries come with a full 5-year warranty. You will find that your local fast-fit centre will only be pleased to fit your new battery for you with perhaps a small charge for the 1/2 hour of labour required to access the battery.

To Finalise-Ford transit battery replacement

Depending on the model year, a car’s battery might be located in a variety of places. Typically, the Ford transit battery replacement, 250 battery is located under the driver’s seat.
You can pull the seat forward to access it, and there are a number of bolts behind it that need to be taken out. To access the battery, simply slide out the cover from that position.

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