French Police Attack Wheelchair User-French Police Pepper Spray Disabled Yellow Vest Protester

French Police Attack Wheelchair User

French Police Attack a User

So, I suppose there could be two sides to this horrific story. Rioting is not a good thing to take part in. Whatever your point of view, there will always be unfortunate casualties.

Naturally, these protesters must have very strong reasons for taking such strong action. including some of the people who are disabled and use wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Being disabled does not affect your opinion, and the people involved in these riots come from many different backgrounds! including the disabled and the elderly.

Attending protests must have responsibilities

Of course, the people who attend these strong protests must know about any consequences that may occur. Previous rallies have produced some bad feelings between the protesters and the French police. Unlike here in the UK, the French authorities do not mess around. especially when it comes to riot control. So attacking the rioters with tear gas and truncheons

Of course, it is very likely that some people will be caught in the middle. Hence, as this guy in the wheelchair did In my opinion, things like this are inevitable! So, if you take part in these things, it is at your own risk?

French Police Attack
French Police Attack offers UK wheelchair and mobility scooter users the opportunity to buy batteries that are VAT free for the registered disabled.

Riots and protests can be very dangerous, so when they happen, it’s important to put safety first. If you are riding a mobility scooter and get caught in a French Police Attack riot or protest, the following steps may help:

French Police Attack

Stay calm: During a riot or protest, it’s normal to feel scared or overwhelmed, but it’s important to try to stay calm. Take a few deep breaths and try to think about what you can do to keep yourself safe.

Look for a way out. Try to find a way out and move in that direction if you can. Try to find a side street or alley you can use to leave the area.

Keep an eye on what’s going on around you and be aware of any possible threats. Watch out for people who are acting mean or violently, and if you can, try to stay away from them.

If you feel threatened or unsafe, find a safe place to hide and call for help if you need to. Try to get the attention of a police officer or other person in charge if you need help.

Stay informed: Keep up with the latest news and changes in the area, and do what the local government tells you to do. If you have to, you might want to stay inside until things calm down.

In a riot or protest, the most important thing is that you stay safe. If you feel threatened or unsafe, don’t wait to get help or get to a safe place.

Prepare for future incidents: While it’s impossible to predict when or where a riot or protest may occur, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for such situations. Consider carrying a whistle or personal alarm that you can use to attract attention if necessary.

Also, make sure your mobility scooter is in good condition and has a full battery, in case you need to make a quick getaway. Stay aware of the political and social climate of the area you’re in, and try to avoid potentially volatile situations. Finally, consider enrolling in a self-defence class or training to learn techniques for protecting yourself in case of an emergency.

Finally, on a lighter note a video was made of the French police pushing a mobility scooter and driver, to safety. The scooters batteries had failed leaving him stranded. The French police obliged the scooters owner by pushing him to a safe place.

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Man in wheelchair asks police for his glasses back but gets violent response instead

Source: French Police Pepper Spray Disabled Yellow Vest Protester – News Punch

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