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Range Rover Sport: G14 Varta AGM battery: Fitted on with Start-Stop technology

G14 Varta plus AGM battery

G14 Varta plus AGM battery
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G14 Varta plus AGM battery

A few years ago. Therefore, the battery manufacturers informed us. In the future, we would have to use some sort of special equipment. In order to change a car battery? We laughed at this at the time, but the future has caught up with us. AGM car batteries are here ?

This only applies to certain up-market car models.

We are here at Pellon Autocentre, in Halifax, Yorkshire. Subsequently, we  purchased a small piece of computer equipment. Allowing us to change and then reset the car’s computer. Consequently, before and after a new battery has been fitted. Generally, we have to do this on most cars fitted with Start-Stop technology.

range rover sports battery

The Range Rover Sport that called in for a battery check was a vehicle fitted with Stop Start technology. We have to connect our battery removed and the computer to the car. For this reason, it alerts the car’s computer and lets us change the battery.

The battery on this particular car

was a G14 Varta plus AGM battery. This battery is specially designed to fit Start-Stop technology cars. The AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Matting and is the same design as used on Mobility batteries and batteries that are used by golfers and for storing solar energy produced by solar panels.

AGM battery

Consequently, the G14 AGM battery was fitted, and the computer was reset using our special electronic equipment. This tells the car’s computer that a new device has been fitted and connected correctly. The new G14 Varta Plus AGM battery then becomes part of the car’s electronic system, and the car starts in a normal way.

The electronic device that we use

does not have to be used on all car models with Stop-Start systems? It is used mainly on larger models that also have brake charging facilities. This transfer’s energy from the braking system, to the charging system.

Finally, If your car is fitted with this system, it is better to let the professionals fit your battery for you.

Finally, since I first wrote this article, I have come across some interesting and informative reading about the same subject. A good example of this is from “your-rv-lifestyle.com“.

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