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Golf Cart batteries

Golf Cart batteries

Golf Cart batteries
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Golf Cart batteries

Significantly, thousands of golf clubs across the UK offer golf cart rentals to their customers. So, in my opinion, the golf club members just take these busy little machines for granted. Of course, they don’t run on fresh air! Most golf carts are operated by a bank of deep-cycle batteries.

Golf cart batteries must be well maintained. As a result, the golf club’s greens staff will do this. These batteries must be charged up every night at the end of a busy golfing day. Of course, the golfers just jump off the vehicle, go to the bar, and leave the golf cart servicing to someone else!

Golf cart battery care is important

Naturally, the most important part of golf cart maintenance is keeping your Golf Cart batteries bank fully charged. So, here are a few tips to watch out for having to do with battery etiquette. Since selling golf cart batteries, we have also come across private individuals who happen to own their own golf cart. Golf clubs are usually up to scratch when it comes to health and safety! So it is important to look at a few of these things when caring for your batteries.

A crucial time is “battery storage” over the winter period. Especially in the northern hemisphere, when the winters are cold and damp, So, golfers with a golf cart at home or in the garage should look at a few things to do with their safety.

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Golf cart battery charging safety issues

  • Like any other lead-acid battery, you should always charge U.S. Golf cart batteries in a well-ventilated place.
  • Before commencing charging, check the condition of the battery terminals! Clean any corroded terminals with warm water. Try not to get the resulting dirty water on your clothing.
  • Check for dry cells; most free-flowing acid U.S. Golf cart batteries will have screw tops. Top the batteries up if necessary; distilled water is recommended. (Every 2 months should be OK for this job !)
  • Make sure that your charger is working properly. You can now buy a relatively cheap battery charger to double-check this.
  • We recommend that you charge your batteries after every use. Although not necessary, this will ensure a full day of golf the next round.
  • A fully charged cart should be able to cover up to 20 miles! of course, depending on how hilly or not the course may be.

Finally, do not smoke or expose your batteries to a naked flame! The gases that a charging battery gives off ARE VERY EXPLOSIVE !

I would recommend that you take a look at this excellent golf cart battery care. We here at batteriesontheweb.co.uk recommend Trojan golf cart batteries and U.S. golf cart batteries available online.

If you own or plan to own an electric golf cart, understanding how to properly care for your U.S. golf cart batteries is a must. Following the techniques provided in the video and guide below will ensure that your golf cart battery is always in the best possible condition.

Source: Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Guide

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