644 Numax Truck/Tractor Battery

Horse-Box battery delivery-Took me to Historic Haltwhistle and the famous Roman Walls

Horse-Box battery delivery

horse box battery

Horse-Box battery delivery

This day was to become one of my most interesting days yet! Living here in Yorkshire, we all admire our cultural history. My favourites, of course, are the Vikings and the Romans. Importantly, both have been ruling our part of the country for hundreds of years. York is known throughout the world ! Attracting millions of overseas visitors a year.

Other places are, in fact, less known. However, they are just as important in forming Great Britain’s historical heritage. As a proud Yorkshireman, I decided to have a DNA test. So as to ascertain the whereabouts of my ancestors.

Unsurprisingly, most of my ethnic mix came from the North of England, Scotland, and Ireland. However, it came as a shock to find that a fairly large part of my decency originated in Northern Europe, Norway, Sweden, and the Germanic region.

It is much more likely that I am a descendant of the Vikings. So, after many years of “raping and pillaging,” they finally settled and mixed with the indigenous population. Importantly, here in the Yorkshire area.

Carlisle to Newcastle: Horse-Box battery delivery

The delivery of Lucas 656 truckĀ  batteries was a last-minute order from Ebay. So, although the day was set out for delivery to Scotland. Then I diverted across the country to a smallholding near “Haltwhistle,” located near the main Carlisle to Newcastle road, the A69. Happily, I started to pick up the signs for “Hadrian’s Wall” all along the A69 route.

Although I have visited the area in the past, this was still a great surprise for me and a bonus. Driving along towards Haltwhistle you could see various parts of the Roman walls. Built originally by the Roman general Hadrian to try keep out the marauding Scots.

Other interesting Roman buildings were discovered! Including,”Housesteads Roman fort“. So, many more interesting sites can be seen along the length of the wall, including many “turrets” and “Pike Hill signal towers.”.

Visitors to the area can also call in at the “Roman Army Museum“. Of course, there is a fine collection of Roman artefacts that were found in the area. This is situated just off the B6318 road heading towards “Walltown Visitors Centre.”.

Smallholdings were finally found

So, like many urban postcodes, the one that I was given covered a fairly large area! Although the excitement of being able to see parts of the ancient Roman walls made my delivery address easier to find. Finally getting there, my customer was happy to see her 2 x 656 Lucas horse-box batteries, and off I went back home to Yorkshire.

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