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How batteries work

How batteries work

How batteries work

Although one of my main interests is lead-acid batteries,. Of course, including batteries that fit most types of vehicles. Including cars and trucks to mobility scooters. Importantly, we are all learning new things all the time. including how different types of batteries now work. In today’s busy world, we rely on batteries for practically everything.

Including many of our household goods, such as the power tools that we use. Of course, the mobile phone springs to mind as the number one thing that would be useless without a battery. Naturally, the lead-acid car battery. So, it is probably one of the most common types of batteries. As a result, that is what we use today, followed by the mobile phone. This video looks at the way that such batteries work.

Article Update-How batteries work

Since I wrote this short article, there have been advances in the world of batteries. Lithium-technology batteries are coming more into play. Crucially, there are developments with the advancement of the AGM lead-acid battery. So, I have always been a big fan of AGM for most purposes. However, the use of AGM technology for leisure applications is becoming more doubtful.

To point out what I mean,? Many of the, let’s say, battery intellectuals are now coming out with suggestions that the AGM batteries do not comply with the charging systems of many of the latest motorhomes. As we all know, the leisure industry has gone crazy in recent years. As a result, more people are looking for the best batteries at the cheapest price.

I have never professed to be a battery technical expert.

So many of these reports and criticisms are above my head. Considering myself just a battery re-seller, I have always believed what the big battery suppliers are telling us. So to me, everything in the garden is rosy. Until recently, I have been telling customers that the AGM car battery was the bees knees of the battery storage world.

This AGM doubtfulness is starting to increase

With various negative reports from so-called experts. Regarding the use of AGM batteries on leisure vehicles,. Due to charging rates.

Of course, I am going to follow this through to see what response the battery manufacturers are coming up with.

The video text is as follows-

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Batteries are a triumph of science—they allow smartphones and other technologies to exist without anchoring us to an infernal tangle of power cables. Yet even the best batteries will diminish daily, slowly losing capacity until they finally die. Why does this happen, and how do our batteries even store so much charge in the first place? Adam Jacobson gives the basics on batteries.

Lesson by Adam Jacobson, animation by FOX Animation Domination High-Def.

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