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How The Car Battery Works

How The Car Battery Works
How The Car Battery Works

How The Car Battery Works

So, when I first read this article, I thought it might be good to attach it to one of my car battery blogs ! However, in my opinion, it does not make a good point. What does a normal, everyday driver want to know about how a car battery works? Years ago, car batteries were not as reliable as they are today. They were also more expensive than today’s discounted batteries.

Years ago, drivers would check their engine levels ! Including the level of acid in their car’s battery. Conclusively, most batteries were screw-top and could easily be checked by the car owners. Importantly, garage prices were out of the reach of many early drivers. In the 1950s, car ownership began to grow as drivers became better off. Wages were on the increase, and cars began to be mass produced. Hence, it it much easier to park a car.

Money was more available

Indeed, my own father, who was a welder, was able to buy a small car for the first time. Banks were becoming more able to lend money. However, it was a fact that “hire purchase” schemes began to pop up, making cars available to the majority of the public. Britain’s economy was growing after stagnation following the war years. Because of cars, workers were able to travel further away to work.

However, only the better-off drivers were able to afford to take their beloved cars into a garage. So, this was about the time when I left school and went to work in a local garage. Reluctantly, as an apprentice motor mechanic The reason I say reluctant is that, as a child, I did not know anything about cars. Cars were for the rich people who were bosses or owned shops.

To cut a long story short, this is where my enthusiasm for batteries came from ! As an apprentice, was this one of my jobs ? Grudgingly, checking the battery levels and repairing tyre punctures

Batteries all shapes and sizes:How The Car Battery Works

Like today’s car batteries, there were a plethora of different shapes and sizes of car batteries. Accelerated by the imported cars that were now flooding the early car market. Weird-shaped cars such as Renault’s also had weird-shaped batteries and battery terminals.

Car batteries had no standards in the early days. France has always been known for introducing weird-sized batteries. Followed by Japan with its strange extra-thin battery posts.

However, this helped the battery industry become a separate entity.

A small niche battery shop industry emerged, springing it into the mega business that now exists. Car batteries also moved along with the development of the cars and car engines.

Lead plates were modified and batteries were able to become sealed and safer. So, this leads me into the rejection of this attached article.

In my opinion, then the regular car owner:How The Car Battery Works

does not need to know anything about the car battery. So, as long as he or she can read the battery label then thats all they need to know. Most car battery levels are not able to be checked !

Because their battery is maintenance free. Requiring no checking at all. So, when the battery eventually fails then they just need to buy the same replacement battery that they have fitted on the car. Of course, not knowing anything about, How The Car Battery Works.

Many garages and fast-fit centres will offer the driver a free battery check.

Including checking the battery on the regular service. this is as much as the regular driver should know about their car battery. So ” How The Car Battery Works” is insignificant in my opinion.

However the introduction of AGM batteries to cars may change thing a little. Choosing the correct battery will be more important ?

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