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hydrogen car future-hydrogen car the future-or just a gimmick? 

hydrogen car the future

hydrogen car the future
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The most plentiful resource in the universe is hydrogen. Compared to electric battery-powered cars, progress in harnessing their power has been slow in coming. Three key advantages of hydrogen-powered vehicles over electric vehicles (EVs) are their quick refuelling times, low emissions, and endless supply of hydrogen.

Hydrogen vehicles are quick, inexpensive, and simple to refuel. While an electric automobile must be left to charge for several hours, a hydrogen-powered car may be filled in only five minutes.

Naturally, the cost of fuel for an electric vehicle (EV) or a car driven by hydrogen is far lower than the cost of filling your tank with gasoline or diesel, so alternatively powered vehicles greatly benefit from this.

hydrogen car the future- Rasa does 300 miles on 1.5 kg of fuel. But do you want to drive 10 miles to fill up?

In my humble opinion, I think that the answer to our fuel problems will be hydrogen, perhaps for the next fifty years or so. There is no doubt that fossil fuels are on the decline. My belief is that we will have a mixture of technologies, that will drive the transportation industry forward.

Electric battery-driven cars and the plug-in hybrids that we now see will be around.

But it will be the least used of the new generation of fuels. I never thought I would see the day when one of my customers came to my garage for a new tyre on an electric hydrogen car. But the other week I did. The guy had bought an electric Renault Zoe and taken the option to rent the battery.

The car was used by his wife. She only made short local journeys, and an electric car was perfect. The guy still drove a conventional gas-powered car.

One thing that surprised me, though, was that he also leased the battery pack from Renault. The Renault Zoe gives you the chance to either buy or rent the battery. The price gap between each option looks to be around £3,000. This choice lowers the price of the purchase and gives you the most peace of mind.

hydrogen car the future
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hydrogen car the future

You only pay for what you need – you tell us how many miles you’ll do and how long you’d like to keep your Z.E.; we personalise your battery hire monthly payment to meet your own individual requirements.

I think this is protectionism by Renault and contradicts the European Union 2010 regulations, which allow the independent garage to service and repair cars. By leasing the batteries out, I think they may have gotten around the regulations. Only a criminal prosecution can prove me wrong.

The European Union puts regulations in place that support car owners’ ability to pick their own place to service or repair their automobile. It gives independent companies the same capability as franchised dealers to access technical data and spare components from car makers, known as the Right to Repair.

This is done to amplify rivalry in the car industry and provide purchasers more alternatives. In summary, car maintenance and repairs can be more affordable when selecting an independent garage.

Consumers should be conscious of their alternatives regarding car maintenance, especially in the European Union, where independent garages are legally allowed to service and repair automobiles. Ultimately, one may save money without compromising on quality by selecting an independent garage.

As far as I know then the rules remain the same as yet after Brexit took place ?

Good luck to River simple.

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