Solar Storage Investment

Isle of Canna Go Solar Independent-

Isle of Canna Go Solar Independent

Isle of Canna Go Solar Independent

Isle of Canna Go Solar Independent

Consequently, the Isle of Canna is also going to be self-sufficient thanks to solar battery storage. Of course, it was only last week that I covered a different story about the sister island of Eigg.

Eigg completed there solar story way back in 2008 and has never looked back since. Of course, Canna will be building a similar solar system with the aid of £1.3 million. The money is made up of £150,000 from the Scottish government.

However, the bulk of the investment is coming from the “Big Lottery Fund,” with the balance from the Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the National Trust for Scotland. Giving £50,000 each, with an additional £100,000 coming from the SSE Highland Sustainable Development Fund. Not bad for an island with a population of only 15 people.

Although the population is very small, the idea is to attract more people and investment to the island.

Good day to all of you! I hope everything is going well for you. Today, we’re going to have a chat about something that’s getting a lot of attention in the field of energy.

This time, I’m not talking about your typical AA batteries at all. Nope! We are going all out and having a conversation about solar energy, and there is no better place to have this conversation than on the breathtaking Isle of Canna, which is located in Scotland.

A Snippet of Previous History-Isle of Canna Go Solar Independent

To begin, let’s describe the environment. Off the coast of Scotland’s west coast is a place that is an absolute gem, and that place is the Isle of Canna. Imagine a place that has beautiful scenery, a fascinating past, and a strong sense of community.

I mean, if you haven’t been, where have you been hiding, and what are you waiting for? It’s like walking into a picture perfect scene from a postcard. Did I mention that it has a long and illustrious history?

We are talking about ancient ruins, some of which even have connections to traditional Gaelic practises. That couldn’t possibly be any more Scottish if it tried, could it?

The Obstacle and the Innovative Solution

Now, although being in a distant and beautiful location has its benefits, the situation is quite different when it comes to the availability of energy.

Having to rely on diesel generators was not only costly but also not very good for the environment. The residents of the area suddenly had an enlightening thought: why not switch to solar power?

Canna Enjoys the Warmth of the Sun-Isle of Canna Go Solar Independent

Therefore, they proceeded with the installation of solar panels across the entire island. And would you believe it? It has been a smashing success all around!

Solar energy, which is clean and environmentally friendly, is now the primary source of power on the island. When the sun does decide to make an appearance in Scotland, these solar panels are ready to make the most of its rays and convert them into usable energy.

This is not only beneficial for the environment, but it is also wonderful for one’s bank account.

The reduction in expenses has been extraordinary, and the island’s carbon footprint has shrunk more quickly than a glass of Guinness on a steamy afternoon.

Even on the days when the sun doesn’t shine as brightly, they have energy storage solutions in place, which means that they are never in the dark.

The view from the United Kingdom

Although we are located a little further south in Halifax, this success story from Scotland has a lesson for all of us living in the United Kingdom as a whole.

The sun-drenched beaches of Spain aren’t the only places that can benefit from solar energy. Solar power has the potential to be a game-changer even in places like good ol’ Canna, where the sun doesn’t always cooperate.

Bringing It All Together-Isle of Canna Go Solar Independent

After everything has been said and done, the Isle of Canna is a shining example (yeah, another pun, couldn’t resist!) of how a community can make a big difference with a little bit of innovation and a lot of willpower.

Remember this the next time you consider making a change to something that is more environmentally friendly: if a small island off the coast of Scotland can make the transition, why can’t we?

That will do for the time being! I really hope that this short diversion to the Isle of Canna was as enlightening for you as it was for me.

We’ll catch up with you later, and in the meantime, keep those engines running…or perhaps keep those solar panels charging!

Cheers!-Isle of Canna Go Solar Independent

Building a modern, renewable electric supply will help do this. The old diesel engines that drive the generator will be kept running until the solar project is finished. Hence, the work to start building is said to start at the end of March. Now that the funds have been secured, ready for the Isle of Canna Go Solar Independent.

Canna is a very beautiful island off the west coast of Scotland and will be a great place for people who move there to raise a family. The new system is expected to be supplied mainly by solar panels.

Subsequently, these panels will supply about 90% of the electricity required.

The rest will be from six wind turbines that will be working off-shore. Canna faces many Atlantic storms, and so the wind will be harnessed from the off-shore facility. With six wind turbines.

Of course, all this electricity will be stored in a huge solar battery bank and re-distributed when required.


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