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John Deere Choice of Batteries

John Deere Choice of Batteries

John Deere Choice of Batteries
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John Deere Choice of Batteries

As a keen gardener, I can’t say how valuable my riding mower has been over the past 5 years of ownership. Unfortunately, I did not buy a John Deere mower but went for a cheaper brand instead. This was a mistake! Everything that could have gone wrong with the mower did. However, I digress.

Those who take pride in their garden may find a ride-on mower indispensable. These great machines make it easy to rapidly and efficiently mow huge expanses of grass. allowing you more time to focus on other duties. In many cases, time is of the essence. Just like our cars on a cold morning, ride-on mowers require power to start the engine and function. So, importantly, the battery you select can have a significant impact on your mower’s performance.

Of course, depending on the model you select, you may need a certain battery to start it. The size of your replacement battery will be clear to see on the side of the old battery. Different-sized batteries will be installed depending on the size and power of the mower.

Normally, 12, 18, and 34 amps are the most popular battery sizes for John Deere ride-on mowers. Each of these battery sizes has distinct characteristics and benefits; therefore, it is essential to recognise the distinctions. The battery size should be measured, and the exact size replacement battery with the same number of amps should be fitted.

Therefore, the smallest of the three capacities, a 12-amp battery, is typically used in smaller ride-on mowers with less demanding power requirements. This is the size of the battery in my ride-on mower. These batteries are relatively inexpensive and readily available. (Although prices are rising due to the different world-wide problems with shipping cost, etc.)

The 18-amp battery, John Deere Choice of Batteries

On the other hand, it offers slightly more power and is suitable for medium-sized ride-on mowers. It provides a longer runtime and can handle slightly more demanding tasks. It is a popular choice for homeowners with larger yards or slightly more challenging terrain.

Interestingly, the largest battery size, 34 amps, is designed for heavy-duty use. It is commonly found in commercial-grade ride-on mowers and can handle prolonged use and demanding tasks with ease. It offers maximum power and endurance for extended periods of operation.

So, the smaller battery might not have enough power

to start bigger engines or keep going for long periods of time. If you have a smaller John Deere ride-on mower and do not intend to use it for extended periods, a 112-amp battery may be the correct replacement for your machine. Remember to measure the original battery and buy an exact replacement.

The 18 amp battery is superior to the 12-amp battery

is ideal for ride-on mowers of average size. These batteries have higher power and can start larger models of mowers. making them a smart alternative if you own a John Deere ride-on mower with a larger engine. Despite being more expensive than 12 AH batteries, size matters, and there is a large difference between the 12 and 18 AH batteries. Although they are more dependable and can deliver superior performance, when fitted to the right mower,

The largest of the three sizes is a 34-amp battery -John Deere Choice of Batteries

So this size of battery is the most common one fitted to John Deere ride-on mowers. These batteries offer the most power and are capable of starting the largest machines, making them excellent for commercial use or the professional Gardner. They are more resilient and can last longer than 12 or 18-amp batteries, although they are more expensive.

When it comes to selecting a battery brand for your John Deere ride-on mower

Lucas Batteries is an industry leader. They provide a variety of high-quality John Deere Choice batteries optimised for use in ride-on mowers, ensuring dependable performance and long-lasting endurance.

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