Kia Car Batteries

Kia Car Batteries

Kia Car Batteries

A short history about Kia cars

Kia Motors is a South Korean carmaker that was formed in 1944 as Kyungsung Precision Industry. In 1952, the company changed its name to Kia Industries and later became Kia Motors Corporation in 1992.

The company initially focused on manufacturing steel tubing and bicycle parts, but it later expanded into making motorcycles and trucks. In the 1970s, Kia entered the passenger car market with the production of the Kia Brisa, a small, rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

In the 1980s, Kia began sending vehicles to other countries and formed partnerships with other automakers, including Ford and Mazda. In the 1990s, Kia launched several new models, including the Sephia, a compact sedan, and the Sportage, a small SUV.

In the 2000s, Kia continued to expand its product line and made significant investments in research and development. The company also established a strong presence in the US market and received recognition for the quality and value of its vehicles. In recent years, Kia has introduced a number of innovative and technologically advanced vehicles, including electric and hybrid models.

For one thing, choosing a new Kia car battery can be confusing. 

So, we have made sure the car batteries are clearly labelled. Firstly, so you can find the correct Car Battery. Secondly, choose your engine capacity and year of your Kia Car. You can look-up your battery by putting your registration details into  our car-registration-battery-lookup.  Of course, to see Car batteries that may fit your vehicle.

Remember to check the suggested battery. Finally against your current Kia Car batteries to be sure it will fit. Of course, another factor to check is if your car is a stop-start model or not?  Consequently, this makes a difference in the battery that you choose. For this reason? stop-start cars require an AGM or EFB battery.
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Kia Automotive are one of South Koreans top car brands

Kia became known as the car that was affordable. It came with a certain amount of style and flare and became more accepted when they brought out their SUV range of cars in 1995. This was known as the Sportage.

Unfortunately, the company became stagnant and was unable to expand and release new models. This was due mainly to financial difficulties. This was also exaggerated, because of customer quality complaints.

Kia quality batteries.

Things began to improve in 2001. Thus, when a new model lineup rolled off the production lines, As a result, these models, which included the Ceed, Sorento, and Rio models, were all given an extended warranty by the KIA Company, making them more appealing to the European car buying public.

Kia also made their models more stylish and eye catching. In the UK, we saw a large rise in Kia cars, driving on our roads.

The Kia Sportage battery

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