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Last EP1200 Exide-To Portishead Marina Boat

Last EP1200 Exide

Last EP1200 Exide

So, this little story is only part of the big picture. Unfortunately, our battery business (along with all the other battery dealers) has turned upside down due to Brexit and the Corvid-19 fiasco. Of course, as a “Brexitier,” the latter has had the most devastating effect on our battery supplies. Our main suppliers are experiencing large problems with battery supplies.

Because most of the world was shut down, there were battery factory shutdowns all over the world. Many batteries are made in places like South Korea, but the factories simply closed. Of course, this was to build up future supply problems. So, as people were let out of lockdown, the demand for batteries went ballistic!

Many drivers had flat batteries because their cars had been parked for months. Battery factories were reopened, but there were to be big delays in processing back orders. As battery sales soared, stocks began to run out. Subsequently, shortages were to become imminent. This problem has affected many other businesses that import goods from other countries.

Battery stock still struggling to enter the UK-Last EP1200 Exide

However, this sort of problem is like “holding a red rag up to a bull.” So I’ve spent the last six months flying around the UK looking for stock in various locations. Unfortunately, there are some stock sizes that have been completely unavailable! Sadly, I have to apologise to some of my customers and give them a refund.

So, this is all leading up to the sale of the Exide EP1200 to a boat owner moored up in the marina at Portishead, near Bristol. I am determined to fight for every sale, and this battery was no exception. So, after receiving the battery order, I contacted our Exide battery suppliers.

Disappointingly, then, I was returned with the same old reply, “Sorry, we are out of stock.” Instead of giving in to this supplier, I explored other options.

Luckily, I found a supplier: -Last EP1200 Exide

who had one of these marine batteries in stock. I ordered the battery, and it went off at 5.30 a.m. the next morning. After collecting the battery, I then went on to deliver it to my customer in Portishead. returning back home later that afternoon. This is one of the great things about running a business. Just another battle won in this corvid war!

Finally, I have recently discovered an older post from an excellent web site by the name of “Caravan Guard” that is worth a look!

The EP1200 Exide Leisure Battery is Available Once Again

Attention, all nature lovers and gadget freaks! If you’ve been hoping for a reliable power source for your next camping or caravanning trip, I’ve got some great news that will make your day. The much-acclaimed EP1200 Exide Leisure Battery is finally back in stock here in the UK! Yes, after a protracted wait due to COVID regulations, this monster battery is now available for your convenience.

Exide EP1200 Leisure Battery: A Snapshot

Those who aren’t familiar with leisure batteries should know that the Exide EP1200 isn’t just any battery. It’s built to last and function exceptionally well in the harsh conditions of camping, caravanning, and water sports. You absolutely need it becauseā€¦

The EP1200 is renowned for its long-lasting power. This battery will serve you well, whether you need to run lights, a refrigerator, or other trip necessities.

Durable and trustworthy, it can handle the harsh elements of outdoor use and the vagaries of British climate.

The EP1200 demonstrates Exide’s dedication to environmental friendliness. You can use this battery without worrying about how it will affect the environment.

Is there really a need to hold off?

The COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on supply chains all over the world, and the leisure battery industry was no exception.

The EP1200 was especially vulnerable because of the strong demand for it and the specialised manufacturing required to produce it. The good news is that it has returned and is now ready to fuel your exploits.

Just in Time for Some U.K. Exploration-Last EP1200 Exide

The timing couldn’t be better, what with transport slowly returning to normal and the lovely British countryside just ready to be discovered. The EP1200 Exide Leisure Battery has you covered, whether you’re headed for the beautiful beaches of Cornwall or the winding roads of Yorkshire.

Purchase One While Supplies Last

Considering the EP1200’s rising popularity and the pent-up desire for it, now is the time to buy. An investment in years of worry-free travel and unforgettable experiences.

As a result

To all the camping aficionados, caravanners, and maritime sports fans out there, the wait is over! The Exide EP1200 Leisure Battery is now available in the United Kingdom and is guaranteed to improve your time spent outdoors.

Visit our website or stop by the storage facility to reserve one. And while you’re at it, describe the exciting journey you have planned for the near future. Tell us everything about the amazing trips you’re taking with our products.

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