Exide EP450 Dual AGM Battery

Leisure batteries Galore-Now an Estimated 225,000 Motorhomes in the UK

Leisure batteries Galore

Leisure batteries Galore
Leisure batteries Galore

Leisure batteries Galore

So this fantastic total does not include the 555,000 touring caravans, all equipped with at least one and mostly two leisure batteries. However, this is not what I intended to write about. As a Banner battery dealer, I was disturbed to see all the bad publicity from members of outandaboutlive.co.uk

Interestingly, many of the site members are prepared to comment on their experiences with certain battery brands. Including the Exide battery brand! In fact, the string of members writings is very long indeed. Here at batteriesontheweb.co.uk,we are really beginners when it comes to internet battery selling. Of course we all know who the top dogs are and they are well respected by myself.

So, when I started to read the members comments I began to wonder why I was selling the Banner products. However as I read further I began to realise that leisure batteries are a very complicated science. No two batteries are the same. We have been in the leisure battery market now for about ten years. Leisure battery buyers come into to main groups.

Leisure battery buyers in two main groups: Leisure batteries Galore

Firstly, you have the motorhome owner who just wants a cheap leisure battery. You have only to look at some of the rubbish batteries that are sold. Claiming that they are 120 and 130 Ah leisure batteries. Its not rocket science that this sort of capacity is impossible for the size of the batteries casing.

Many are just car batteries labelled as leisure batteries. You would not think that people would be fooled! But you know, they sell thousands of them to unsuspecting camper van and caravan owners. The cheap battery guys.

Secondly, there are many owners of such vehicle who really do know a bit about their batteries. In my opinion this shows up in the forums. Guys get talking about the batteries they have bought in the past and their trials and tribulations.

Of course the Banner battery “bashing” was a bit of a concern to me at first. However it got me thinking about the thousands of 110 Energy Bull batteries that we have sold over the years.

Motorhome and caravan people keep coming back for the product time and time again. However I do understand some of the owners complaints!

As far as I can see mainly about the fact that they are not sealed and have to be topped up from time to time. However like many things in life you pay for what you get. Lucas leisure batteries in my humble opinion are a good top of the range battery.

Exide manufactured in Europe: Leisure batteries Galore

Outstandingly Banner are manufactured in their excellent facility in Austria. Consequently, they are not a “tin-pot” Chinese knock em out quick battery company. Exide spend a huge amount on battery design and have many certifications to prove this.

many of the forum contributors were praising the mighty battery makers of Varta and Bosch. Especially regarding the comparison with the Exide batteries. However they are not comparing like for like ! Including the price comparisons.

We are also Varta and Bosch battery dealers

and we see the people who buy these products. In my opinion then you should buy the best if you can afford it. However the choice of brands and battery quality is enormous.

The amount of different products for leisure use beggars belief! The spread of produce buying is pretty much spread out equally. From cheap non scripted brands to the hierarchy and well know quality batteries made by Exide, Lucas and  Varta and Bosch (incidentally these two brands are the same product with the different labelling)

Other fairly well know brands : Leisure batteries Galore

are the in the middle range price an quality bracket. Brands such as Numax and including Exide batteries. Interestingly, I do get some good information from these forums. Also it is nice to see guys contributing with some good technical information. Including their thoughts on certain brands. So I thank you for that. Finally it will be interesting going forward after this terrible covid 19 pandemic has passed us.

In my opinion, there will be a very sharp and short recession when many of us return to work. Recessions always link to people downsizing and going for the cheaper opinion. Including leisure batteries galore!

Finally for some more important advice, I recommend taking a look at this excellent blog post from “SAGA”

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