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Leisure batteries Important-When Considering Motor-homing For Beginners – Motorhome

Leisure batteries important.

Leisure batteries important.
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Leisure batteries Important

This article puts me in a reverse situation. Well, I am a guy who writes about motorhome batteries. Who is about to try and buy his first motorhome. Until now, I have only talked about batteries without owning my own vehicle.

Of course, we have all seen the massive growth of these vehicles on our roads. Without doubt, people are looking for a different type of holiday. In the motorhome, they can go where their hearts take them. My particular idea is to revisit the places that I went to as a schoolboy.

Therefore, as millions of Brits in my age group (born just after the Second World War), we were very poor

As a result, school trips were the only way we kids could go on vacation.

However, now that I have the means and the opportunity, I want to explore those nostalgic places with the comfort and freedom of a motorhome.

This is why leisure batteries become crucial in my journey. They provide the power needed to run various appliances and systems onboard, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s powering the lights, charging electronic devices, or running the refrigerator, a reliable leisure battery is essential.

Without it, my motorhome adventure would be incomplete and lacking the necessary convenience. So, when it comes to purchasing my first motorhome, I will prioritize investing in a high-quality leisure battery to make the most out of my travels.

Hence, my parents would start to pay for my holiday the year before and on a weekly basis. Indeed, it was my first real feeling of freedom.

Thriving in the great outdoors, just like the motorhome owners of today experience Friendly and dedicated teachers took us on two- and three-week trips.

Great places like “the Yorkshire dales”, “the Lake District,” and the “Scottish Highlands” helped make me into the person that I am today some fifty odd years later.

Of course, this time I hope to be reliving my schoolboy trips in style.

With my very first motorhome. Independent living and travelling are great callings for many people these days. Therefore, this article should be of great value. including some good leisure battery advice.

However, just to remind people, a “Leisure Campervan Battery” is a separate second battery that drains much slower and outputs at just 12 volts.

Of course, this is perfect for running most motorhome lights and appliances. Thus, it is an essential piece of kit if you intend on visiting sites without an electricity supply.

Consequently, the motorhome’s “engine starter battery” is designed to provide a large amount of power for a short time. So when starting your vehicle, recharge quickly.

Because of this, as you drive along, the engine charges the battery. Of course, while the electrics and headlights drain it. This makes the regular starter battery unsuitable for prolonged use while not moving.

Also, this means that you run the risk of flattening your main battery, leaving you with an engine that won’t start.

To update this article, the “National Caravan Club” (NCC) has formulated a verification system.

To update this article, the National Caravan Club (NCC) has formulated a verification system. This system ensures that motorhomes meet certain standards for electrical systems and battery capacity.

By adhering to these standards, motorhome owners can ensure that their vehicles have the necessary power to run lights and appliances even when not connected to an electricity supply. Having a properly sized and functioning “leisure battery” is crucial for extended stays at sites without power hookups.

It is recommended to regularly check and maintain the leisure battery to avoid the risk of it being drained and causing difficulties in starting the engine.

Hence, for battery manufacturers, the suitability of certain batteries makes for different over-night parking “hook-up” situations. As a company, we are now stockists of Banner leisure batteries. These excellent semi-traction leisure batteries are verified by the NCC.

This is, of course, a simplified explanation, but should it be good for beginners like me?

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Finally here is some important facts comparing lead acid and lithium batteries from Banner batteries, one of my battery suppliers.

• Increased energy density and therefore high performance in a relatively small battery
• Weight savings of up to 50 per cent as compared to lead-acid batteries
• Low self-discharge in combination with high performance after extended standstills
• High charging current and hence short charging procedures, although only with special
charging devices
• A high number of possible charge cycles
• A memory effect that is not evident to the user

Danger of fire (very Important)
• Increased temperature instability
• Higher costs
• The highly problematic mining of rare earths (cobalt, nickel)
• Considerable water requirements in the world’s most arid regions


Finally for some more important advice, I recommend taking a look at this excellent blog post from “SAGA

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