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 Leisure batteries

 Leisure batteries
 Leisure batteries

Of course, there are many different types and brands of leisure batteries in this class. Naturally, and in my opinion, the true leisure battery is there to fit all our adventurers! The guys who go on vacations and weekend trips to wherever they want year after year!

because having a good battery So it enables them to have a few luxuries on board their caravans, boats, and motorhomes! Of course, we cannot forget the mobile campers in their campervans (usually VWs).

All these different vehicles require at least one battery, and probably more in the case of the larger motorhomes. Leisure batteries come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are manufactured by a variety of battery manufacturers around the world. including Varta, Lucas, Numax, Bosch, and Banner. Contributing are lesser-known battery brands such as Platinum, ApolloPower, and Pennine King Power batteries.

Leisure batteries developed from car batteries

So, when I first started out in the battery market then car batteries were regularly used on early leisure vehicles, including caravans. Motorhomes were popular in the USA but had not yet arrived in the UK. Early VW campervans could be considered the first true motorhomes.

In fact, some people who only go away for a few weekends still use the larger car battery. because both types of batteries look the same from the outside. There are only minor differences between them, in my opinion.

True leisure batteries do contain thicker plates! Of course, this will give the leisure battery more storage capacity than a standard car battery. However, both are more than capable of doing a good job. Recently, companies such as Banner Batteries have tried to differentiate their leisure batteries by calling them semi-traction batteries.

In my opinion, this is a good idea! So, I now extend this description to other brands of leisure batteries including Numax and Lucas.

Enter the AGM batteries

A step up from the “free-flowing lead acid batteries” that I have just been describing is the AGM batteries. As most battery people know, batteries are a difficult subject! So, with thousands of variations, Many of the same battery manufacturers offer an AGM version of their battery line. Other manufacturers also stand out in this field.

So, the main quality of the AGM battery To begin with, they are completely sealed and spill-proof! Secondly, they are also like the “Deep Cycle” semi-traction batteries. So, this means that the batteries can be charged and discharged at a higher rate than the regular “free-flowing acid leisure batteries.” Thirdly, charging can be done using the same equipment as with regular batteries.

Trojan and US batteries are no exception! Mainly used on larger applications such as river and canal boats, these batteries have high-capacity amps. Although more expensive, they are very reliable and are becoming more popular! Especially with the addition of solar panels to many modern leisure crafts and vehicles.

Gel batteries

This type of Numax battery has taken second place to the more popular AGM batteries. However, in my opinion, they are making a recovery. So, mainly due to their deep-cycle capability in conjunction with solar panels, well-known companies making gel batteries are, of course, Sonnenschein batteries.