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Leisure battery Capacity and power ratings

Leisure battery Capacity and power ratings

Leisure battery Capacity and power ratings

Of course, leisure batteries are an important part of your off-grid power system. Helpfully supplying power that will run your devices when the sun is not shining. Equally or when your generator is not working.

This is the reason why it is important when choosing a leisure battery. Including the importance of considering your new batteries capacity and power ratings.

So, In this article, we will endeavour to explore these two factors in-depth to try our best to help you select the Leisure battery Capacity for your needs.

Leisure battery Capacity and power ratings

Capacity Ratings Capacity

Of course this is the amount of electrical energy that a battery can store. Most commonly, it is usually measured in ampere-hours (Ah). So, the higher the Leisure battery Capacity Ah rating, then the more energy the battery can store and also provide.

It is noteworthy that the capacity rating is based on the Leisure battery Capacity discharge rate. Meaning, that a battery with a higher capacity rating will provide more energy when discharged over a longer period.

Typical 100Ah Leisure battery

As a good example, a 100Ah battery will provide 5A of current for 20 hours (100Ah ÷ 5A = 20h).

However, if the current is increased to 10A, due to the amount of electrical powered things in use, then the battery will last only for 10 hours (100Ah ÷ 10A = 10h).

Of course this helps you calculate the Leisure battery Capacity required versus your electrical consumption.

Essentially you should consider your power needs and the duration you’ll be using the battery before selecting a leisure battery with the appropriate capacity rating.

Power Ratings Power

Importantly, this is the speed at which electrical energy is supplied or consumed. Typically measured in watts (W). So, the power rating of a leisure battery indicates the maximum current it can provide at any given moment of time and is measured in amps (A).

I must confess that it can become a bit complicated to some people, including myself. Although a higher power rating usually means that the leisure battery will supply more current. Hence supplying more power to the electrical devices and appliances, used by the campervan or motorhome owner.

The power rating of a battery

This is typically determined by its internal resistance. Which determines the amount of voltage will drop occurring when current flows through the leisure battery. So batteries that have a lower internal resistance. Consequently, will have a higher power rating. Proving more current without voltage drop.

Importantly, It is most essential to note that the power rating of a battery is not the same as its capacity rating. While a battery with a high capacity rating can provide more energy over a longer period.

Although it may not necessarily have a high power rating. Over a time period of selling the leisure battery products, I have found that the 105Ah battery produced by Numax is the leisure market standard.

Choosing the Right Leisure Battery When selecting a leisure battery

 Caravans and motorhomes have a very similar collection of electrical devices on board. However it is crucial to consider both its capacity and power ratings. Thus ensuring that it meets your vehicles power requirements.

Please consider the fact that you plan to use high-power devices and appliances. Of course, such as an air conditioner or microwave. You will have to be looking at a battery with a higher power rating.


if you are going to use low-power devices, such as LED lights or a TV, a Leisure battery Capacity and power ratings with a high capacity rating may be more important.

Finally, as I have said in an earlier paragraph this sort of calculating may not be easy for us all to work out. Comprehending the capacity and power ratings of leisure batteries may be more crucial than you think.

Especially if you are intending to go off grid. I always find that word of mouth is a good way of getting recommendations for the size and type of leisure battery that you are looking for. However if you are clever enough to do the calculations than you know that you are on to the exact right leisure battery for your leisure vehicle whatever it is and wherever you  are going.

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