627/637SHD-K7 Varta-Silver Truck batteries

LFD230 Varta Truck battery-Heavy Duty-To power mobile key cutting van in Oxford

LFD230 Varta Truck battery

LFD230 Varta Truck battery

I began my trip on another sunny day in the UK, where I live. I’m always surprised by all the things that can be done with batteries. Today was just like every other day for me. First, I had to deliver a very large and heavy-duty truck battery to an address in Oxford as part of my delivery run.

This battery weighs 57 kg and has a capacity of 230 Ah and a cca of 1150. The battery is important because it is a deep-cycle battery. So I didn’t know what it would be used for.

These batteries can be used as truck batteries, boat batteries, or a LFD230 Varta Truck battery for other types of recreational vehicles. The Varta LFD230 Professional battery is, of course, very flexible. This battery would be used for something completely different, which is interesting.

So the clue was in the address! LFD230 Varta Truck battery

I got to the Oxford area on a cloudy, cold, but dry day. When I got to the edge of “Oxford,” there was a lot of traffic, even though the sun was shining again in “Yorkshire.” “The City of Dreaming Spires” is a pretty cool name for Oxford. Because of this, colleges and universities are well-known all over the world. For more than 800 years, both kings and scholars have lived there. Because it has been known since the 9th century that the city has been a thriving place to live,

Oxford is a busy city with people from all over the world. It still has its old university, and scholars are everywhere. But there is also a growing high-tech neighbourhood in the Oxford area. Around the neighbourhood, there are a lot of businesses. Whether they are scientific research centres or industrial parks, and whether they are in the city or in one of the suburbs,

So, this customer lived in a neighbourhood called “Marston.”

When I got to the Keypit Security Products building, the owner was there to greet me. I thought, Thank goodness! He could help me lift the 57-kilogram battery.

The man had a van nearby that he used to cut keys on-site in the Oxford area. Of course, the owner didn’t realise at the time that this LFD230 Varta Truck battery was going to be used to power the machines in the back of the van. Keys were, of course, cut with machines. A great idea!

After the guy showed me around, I shook his hand and went to make my next delivery.

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