115-Exide Start Stop Battery-EK800

Looking for a 115 AGM Battery

Looking for a 115 AGM Battery

Looking for a 115 AGM Battery

Of course, the Exide EK800 is a start-stop AGM battery. Despite the well-reputed brand name, the EK800 battery comes at a more reasonable price. The battery is also a great replacement for many original equipment vehicle batteries.

Fitting as a perfect replacement for many modern vehicles with start-stop technology fitted Of course, the EK800 is an AGM battery. AGM stands for “Absorbed Glass Mat” batteries.

The battery was developed to give more engine stops and starts to help combat air pollution. As a result, start-stop cars are now very popular. The technology was devised to turn off car engines when coming to a halt. Say at traffic lights or a road junction. Then turn the engine back on when it’s time to pull away again.

Thus saving the driver money on fuel and helping to protect the environment. So, when millions of cars are doing the same thing, the affect gives realistic statistics towards cleaner air.

This is where the Exide EK800 comes into its own.

The EK800 Exide Battery: Powering Your Trip with Excellence

The EK800 Exide battery is a veritable powerhouse when it comes to batteries that offer on both performance and dependability. The EK800 Exide battery has established itself as a reliable ally, whether you’re starting your car on a brisk morning, setting off on a road trip adventure, or powering vital equipment. We’ll examine in more detail what makes this battery a good pick for various applications in this post.

Outstanding Performance for Your Car Looking for a 115 AGM Battery

No matter the weather, a dependable battery is necessary for a smooth engine start in your car. Modern technology is used in the EK800 Exide battery’s design to deliver reliable performance that ensures your car starts right up when you turn the key. With its strong cranking strength, you can always expect a dependable start.

longevity that endures the test of time

In the realm of batteries, toughness rules. The EK800 Exide battery has a tough design that is made to withstand the rigours of daily use. Its battery is made to withstand all driving conditions, whether you’re navigating tough terrain or the busy streets of a city. It demonstrates Exide’s dedication to excellence and durability.

A Reputable Brand in Battery Technology

Exide has been a pioneer in the field of battery technology for many years and is known for its superior products. Their commitment to quality control and innovation is evident in the EK800 battery. When you choose Exide, you’re choosing a company that both experts and regular drivers rely on.

convenience with no maintenance Looking for a 115 AGM Battery

The EK800 Exide battery is notable for its maintenance-free construction. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of adding distilled water or checking the water level. Because it is sealed, this battery is guaranteed to function effectively even without user input. It truly is a set-and-forget solution that makes your life easier.

Versatility for a Wide Range of Uses

The EK800 Exide battery shines in automobile applications, but it is also adaptable off the road. It’s a well-liked option for operating marine applications, backup power systems, and recreational vehicles. This battery can power your boat whether you’re going on a weekend camping vacation or need dependable electricity.

Environmentally Responsible Option

The EK800 Exide battery supports environmentally responsible principles in a time when sustainability is more important than ever. Its environmentally conscious design includes recyclable materials and ethical manufacturing techniques. You can relax knowing that your old battery will be properly discarded when it’s time for a replacement.


The EK800 Exide battery is a leading example of performance, sturdiness, and dependability in the field of batteries. Professionals rely on it, ordinary drivers accept it, and people looking for steady power for a variety of uses like it.

The EK800 Exide battery is available to fuel your journey with excellence, whether you’re travelling the wide road, exploring the sea, or just using your car for regular commutes. It is more than just a battery; it is a reliable friend.

Hence, the EK800 Exide battery is your best option

if you want a battery that lives up to its promises. It’s the decision that guarantees greatness will fuel all of your travels, no matter how big or small.

supply more power than is required to start and stop these types of engines. 

Once these batteries are fitted, you can look forward to a long battery life. Not only do these batteries look good, they are also maintenance-free.

Thus, there is no more topping up or losing acid through evaporation. Instead, they use a special fibreglass mat to absorb and hold the electrolyte (acid). The Exide EK800 is also fitted with specially tested vibration-proof casing and is less likely to crack or break than their previous counterparts, the old free-flowing lead-acid batteries.

This battery is easy to buy online. Looking for a 115 AGM Battery

You will be buying a quality battery at almost a budget price. Most deliveries arrive with the customer after one or two days. So there’s no need to trail about your local area trying to buy one. Like any other commodity, these batteries are not the cheapest but certainly not the dearest.

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