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Love Optima Batteries-Are All Sealed Car Batteries The Same? No I dont Think So ?

Love Optima Batteries

Love Optima Batteries

Love Optima Batteries

It is very strange how many drivers think that all lead acid car batteries are the same. However, this  cant be further from the truth. Surprisingly, you can group most car batteries into four groups-

  1.    Free flowing lead acid batteries or car starter batteries.
  2.    AGM/GEL Sealed Car Batteries which are deep cycled batteries.
  3.     A combination of the first two. Commonly used as leisure batteries.
  4.     Lastly any other new battery types and technologies such as Lithium-Ion batteries.

However the first three groups are most commonly used on vehicle today.

Thus, free-flowing lead acid batteries are by far the most common! Of course, they are still used in the majority of vehicles on our roads today. Consequently, improvements have been made over the past twenty years. Impressively, the introduction of lead-alloy plates Lead-alloy plates enable the gases given off inside the battery to recirculate. Of course, making it possible to have sealed car batteries

Although the system is not completely sealed, there is now no need to keep a “topping up of the electrolyte” regime every month. Importantly, this type of battery is a “maintenance-free” battery. Magic eyes were also introduced so that the car owner could see the “charge condition.” Of course, by looking at the colour in the magic eye. The best colour would be green, which means that the Lucas 12V Sealed Car Batteries are fully charged.

Love Optima Batteries- are AGM batteries

Next come the AGM batteries. So, these batteries are true deep-cycle batteries, such as the Optima marine battery. so, and will discharge to 80%. Consequently, before recharging begins, The acid in these batteries has been soaked up by tiny pieces of “glass matting” that have been woven together to make a thin mat. Therefore, these batteries have a semi-solid interior. The acid will not leak out, so they are encased in a totally sealed environment. These batteries can indeed be installed in any position and will not leak. Like the free-flowing lead-acid batteries, there has been little change in the batteries’ make-up over the past years.

Enter the Spiral cell AGM battery

However, a new method of building the plates was discovered and called the “Spiral Cell Battery.” These are still made by Optima batteries. Of course, spiral-cell sealed car batteries’ plates are not like the standard rectangular plates found in almost every other type of lead-acid battery. So, each cell is individually wound like a clock spring and is made from almost 100% pure lead. Significantly, the plates are then coated with a specific coating of “lead oxide.”

This method enables the batteries to be more powerful. However so as not to confuse people the batteries are made to the shape of conventional batteries.


Naturally is a set of spiral-wound cells made up of two pure (99.99%) lead plates covered with a thin layer of lead oxide. This improvement to the way Optima batteries are made gives them more power and makes them consistently better than flat-plate batteries.

Further to this article being written, I discovered something new about Optima Red-Top batteries! We delivered a red-top to a lady customer to replace her Chrysler’s old battery. After the battery was delivered, the lady called us to say that she had ordered the wrong battery. explaining to us that the new battery did not have any vent holes.

I must confess that this was something that I had not heard of before. Because the Optima batteries are AGM technology and sealed, I did not think that vent holes were needed. So, I explained this to the lady, who could not understand my point of view! However, I decided to look into this! Sure enough, she was right! Because these batteries are fitted inside the car’s cab, vent holes are required! AGM or not!

All lead acid batteries can vent gas

Looking for more information, I discovered that sealed AGM batteries will, of course, not vent gas. As a result, under normal everyday use conditions. So, under normal operating conditions, an AGM battery, including the Optima range, will not vent gas. Of course, the problem occurs if there is a fault with the charging system or alternator. This event is very rare but extremely possible.

So, some cars, including this ladies’ Chrysler, have their batteries mounted inside the passenger compartment! In the event of a worst-case scenario event, vent pipes must be attached. So, making it possible for any possible gas leaks to escape and vent out of the car, As a result, all cars manufactured with a battery installed inside the cab or boot should include a gas vent system. Therefore, the vent system should be used.

Inclusively, all group 27, 51, 31, and 34C batteries have vent holes for connection to the vent pipes. Although it is highly unlikely to pose a safety risk, it is still mandatory to use a vented system inside an enclosed cab.

Overcharging the big danger

For instance, one of the dangers could be a voltage regulator that fails. As a result, the battery is severely overcharged. When the battery vents under pressure, the gases released are both toxic and have the potential to set fire to the house. because of the litigation society in America. My lady customer, on the other hand, was correct! So we promptly exchanged her battery for one with small ports. Importantly, where the breather pipes are fitted

So, many of our customers wanting to replace Optima batteries will know about the short supply situation. Optima is made in France. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, stocks from France have dried up. So, this leaves a huge shortage. Here in September, the shortage is getting slightly better.

Going forward into 2022, we hope the problem will be resolved and stocks will start to flow again.

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