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LV31MF ApolloPower batteries-Delivered-To a Boat on the River Wissey- Kings Lynn-Norfolk

LV31MF ApolloPower batteries

LV31MF ApolloPower batteries

Because I knew that this would a very long day. So, I started my delivery round at 4.30 am . So, all my life I have been an early riser.

Like millions of others I happen to think that early morning is the best time of the day. Fortunately, the early rise has other advantages ! Including much quieter roads ! Of course, because of the lack of traffic at that time of day.

So, on the previous day I had received a call from a guy wanting to buy 5 x canal boat batteries. Interestingly, he was a pleasant man and wanted to barter over the price of the batteries.

Finally we agreed a price . Luckily, his boat was moored close to the  Grange Farm Touring Park, Whittington Hill ,Whittington, Kings Lynn in Norfolk, UK. This was on my planned route for the following day.

“A Motorhome Adventure Experiencing Countryside and Wildlife in Whittington, Kings Lynn, Norfolk”

Whittington, a picturesque village nestled in the heart of Norfolk’s lush countryside, is a popular stop for motorhome travellers. With Kings Lynn nearby, visitors can enjoy the rural charm and abundant wildlife that Norfolk has to offer.

The tranquil surroundings of Whittington captivate visitors. Every bend in the winding country roads reveals a landscape that embodies rural English beauty.

Enjoy the verdant fields surrounded by towering, age-old trees. In the mornings, listen to the symphony of chirping birds carried by the breeze through open motorhome windows.

The horizon is filled with breathtaking views of open skies and vast landscapes.

Their majestic beauty fills the heart, leaves lasting impressions, and inspires a deep respect for nature. Whittington represents rural peace, tranquillity, and charm.

The local wildlife is a highlight of a trip to Whittington. Norfolk is home to a wide range of animals, both large and small. Keep an eye out for rabbits hopping across the meadows. Keep an eye out for foxes that sneak through the hedgerows at night. Listen for owls hooting in the cool, still darkness.

Explore the Norfolk countryside and you’ll come across a diverse range of habitats. This area is a haven for a variety of bird species.

Herons and ducks are common sights in wetland areas. The skies are frequently filled with the graceful shapes of soaring birds of prey. Every moment spent outdoors in Norfolk provides an opportunity to witness nature in all of its untainted beauty.

Continue your journey in your motorhome until you reach the fenland areas near Whittington.

LV31MF ApolloPower batteries
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A diverse range of marshland wildlife thrives here. Discover a world where water voles scurry and rare butterflies flutter. It is a magical biodiversity haven that is a joy to behold.

Whittington, with its proximity to Kings Lynn and the surrounding Norfolk countryside, offers a unique motorhome adventure. It is a peaceful land where nature thrives. It is a place that captures hearts, stirs souls, and lives on in the minds of those who visit.

This Whittington motorhome trip truly provides an escape. It’s a journey worth every mile to get away from the hustle and bustle and closer to nature. Norfolk’s natural beauty is reflected in its picturesque countryside and captivating wildlife.

Plan your motorhome adventure today and see for yourself Whittington’s timeless charm and abundance of wildlife. Explore Norfolk the way nature intended. Your motorhome trip to Whittington is about to begin.

Collected ApolloPower batteries from the warehouse.

Consequently, my van was already loaded. So I had to pick up the 5 x boat batteries from a nearby suppliers premises.

This was a day that I was looking forward to. Later that day England were playing Australia in the semi-final of the cricket world cup. As a life long cricket fan and England supporter, I was looking forward to the day ahead.

The day was sunny and warm and very enjoyable driving about delivering my customers Apollopower batteries.

Eventually, I arrived at the Grange Farm Touring Park where my customers boat was moored, awaiting for its new LV31MF ApolloPower batteries. After a little searching , I made a quick phone call to Colin the boat owner he guided me to the boats exact location.

Colin was a pleasant guy and we talked for about half an hour about wild life on the river Wissey. The caravan touring site was lovely neat and tidy one, full of flower beds and different shape and sized caravans.

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Canal boats could moor nearby on the river and use the sites facilities. Colin bid me farewell and went to fit his new LV31MF ApolloPower batteries, and off I went to my final delivery of the day about ten miles further on, with 2 x 22Ah Lucas Mobility scooter batteries. In all a great day and a bonus was that England beat Australia to be able to play in the World cup final !

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