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Marine Battery Care

marine battery care
marine battery care

Marine Battery Care

So, I must admit that I am a very visual person. Soulfully, then, I would much rather see a demonstration than read about a subject. As a result, I try to include as many videos as possible on my blogs. demonstrating a subject.

Or indeed, just comparing different manufacturers products. Marine battery care is a good example ! Consequently,I also think that this video is going to be a great help. especially when choosing the correct battery to fit your boat .

My main bug bear is that boat owners,

Therefore, they have a tendency to just buy the cheapest batteries for their boats. Unfortunately, they saw a special offer. Especially from the online battery companies. Reluctantly, there are certainly some products online that are not what they say they are. Sadly, these products are usually standard car starter batteries. So dressed up as leisure batteries.

Although, since first writing this post, I have somewhat changed my mind ! Since then, I have bought a good book called “The 12 Volt Bible for Boats”. Written by Miner Brotherton and revised by Ed Sherman. So the writer says that the owners of small boats . Inconclusively, they say that you  should buy the largest and cheapest car battery that will fit in the boat. So, thinking about this, I now agree.

One way to decipher the difference is to choose a twin post product.

Significantly, this type of battery comes in the form of a  120 Amp Marine-Leisure-Caravan Battery. Of course, this battery is a bit more expensive than, say, a 110-amp version. Subsequently, you must remember that many of the modern seagoing boats are fitted out with many electrical items.

So in my opinion, these crafts should be fitted out with an AGM battery. Marine Battery Care

Varta’s professional range of marine batteries is ideal for this purpose ! As a result, the 140-amp battery will be on top of the job. The bigger craft will be fitted out with  battery banks. Of course, this is to provide more power when starting the boat and for electrical storage.

In the accompanying video, New England Boating’s Tom Richardson walks you through the steps of making sure your batteries are in top shape for the boating season. If you don’t feel like watching, the steps are below in written form. 1.) Clean terminal posts and housing Use some spray cleaner or WD 40 to remove dust […]

Source: Video: Marine Battery Care & Feeding | New England Boating & Fishing

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