Mercedes Auxiliary battery Advice

Mercedes Auxiliary battery Advice

Mercedes Auxiliary battery Advice
Mercedes Auxiliary battery Advice

Mercedes Auxiliary battery Advice

I must admit that this article will be a learning curve for me. Many vehicles are now coming out with a two-battery system. including some models of Mercedes-Benz cars. We have the “main starter battery” and the “auxiliary battery.”

Starter Main Battery (G1) Mercedes Auxiliary battery Advice

Firstly, the main battery, also known as the G1, is developed as the “starter battery.” This is the main battery that will start your car on that cold winter morning. This is also the battery with the largest physical size and power, also been the main supply of battery power for all the cars’ electrical systems.

Auxiliary battery (G1/7) Mercedes Auxiliary battery Advice

commonly known as the backup battery or secondary battery. Of course, this battery is important as it supplies extra power to the starter battery if the voltage gets too low. Having two batteries could be complicated. For example, how do you know which of the batteries is faulty and has malfunctioned?

Fortunately, if the auxiliary battery fails to hold its charge, then an error message will appear. In early models, this should be an “Auxiliary battery malfunction” warning light on your dashboard. Newer models will have a “Stop vehicle, shift to P, leave engine running“ warning sign on the dashboard .

Commonly , these messages can be seen on Mercedes-Benz cars.

Importantly, the car will carry on driving and running as normal. If this is the case, then it is more than likely that it is the auxiliary battery that requires replacing.

You will also know that the auxiliary battery is at fault if the starter battery still works and the car can be started normally. If you live in the Pellon district of Halifax, UK, you can have a fault diagnosed on our OBD reader.

New thing learned- Mercedes Auxiliary battery Advice

A new thing that I have recently learned is that when the starter battery dies, Then the auxiliary battery is also used to power the “gear shift selector.” Consequently, this means that the Mercedes-Benz gear selector shifter is electrically controlled.

So once again, the auxiliary battery takes over the main starter battery if it should fail for any reason. enabling the car to be put in park mode as a safety feature.

All in all, the auxiliary battery does very little work. In early models, these little AGM batteries would help to run the vehicles’ electric components. On later models, they run specific electrical components. These may include start-stop features, heated seats, sat-nav, and other instruments.

Replacing your Mercedes Auxiliary battery Advice

This, of course, depends on your car’s model. As with any other battery, please check to see which battery is installed in your vehicle. When you’ve decided which one is best for your Mercedes, then find out the location of the battery to be replaced.

After some research,

I discovered that the most common place for the Mercedes auxiliary battery replacement was on the “left side of the dashboard.”

Some of the ML, R, and GL models have the auxiliary battery fitted under the passenger seat at the front of the car. Another difference may include the Mercedes E-Class W211. fitted in the engine bay just below the HVAC air intake.

Also, the SLK and some SL models have the battery fitted behind the back panel of the driver’s seat. Other auxiliary battery locations may be close to the fuse box.

It’s just a case of finding out the location of the auxiliary battery on your particular Mercedes model.

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