Mercedes Vito-Viano Battery Removal

Mercedes Vito-Viano Battery Removal

Mercedes Vito-Viano Battery Removal

Mercedes Vito-Viano Battery Removal
Mercedes Vito-Viano Battery Removal

Mercedes Vito-Viano Battery Removal

I recently heard of a problem from one of my customers here at Pellontyres. He was complaining to my receptionist, Deb, about the fact that he could not find his battery location.

Like anything else, his battery failed at the most inconvenient time. Batteries do tend to let you down at the most awkward times and moments. particularly on a cold and snowy winter day! as happened to this Viano van driver.

Luckily, his wife had saved the van’s manual in a safe drawer. which incidentally saved him time and, of course, money. When I heard his woeful tale, I thought it would be a good idea to explain where the Mercedes batteries are located and how to access them.

Battery fitted inside the cab! Mercedes Vito-Viano Battery Removal

Importantly, these batteries are fitted inside the van’s cab and not under the bonnet. Nowadays, the bonnet (hood) is crammed with numerous gadgets, including massive engines. Consequently, there is no room to fit a battery.

For some unknown reason, probably a computer design, the maintenance-free battery is located under the driver’s seat.

This applies to a left- or right-hand van. I have also included a good video from a French guy. Although the video is in French, it is self-explanatory. even with the sound turned off.
Let’s dive into the exciting new Mercedes Vito Van and the outstanding 019 Lucas Premium battery, which is a perfect complement for most Vito versions.

The Mercedes Vito Van Ushers in a New Era of Utility

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats because the Mercedes Vito Van has arrived, and the automotive world has just gotten a whole lot more interesting. This stylish and adaptable van is making waves in the utility vehicle industry, and one specific power-packed partner is taking the spotlight: the 019 Lucas Premium battery.

The Mercedes Vito Van is a stylish workhorse. Mercedes Vito-Viano Battery Removal

The Mercedes Vito Van is known as a workhorse with a touch of luxury. Whether you run a delivery service, a small business, or simply require a dependable ride for your daily responsibilities, the Vito Van delivers in style.

The Vito is designed to meet a wide range of needs thanks to its large interior, superior safety features, and selection of engine options. It’s the ideal blend of functionality and sophistication, as you’d expect from a Mercedes.

019 Lucas Premium Battery: Vito Vans’ Powerhouse

Let’s move on to the main attraction: the 019 Lucas Premium battery. When it comes to powering your Vito Van, you’ll need a battery that can keep up. The 019 Lucas Premium battery is specifically designed for this purpose.

Here’s why it’s taking centre stage: Mercedes Vito-Viano Battery Removal

Reliability: The 019 Lucas Premium battery, like your Vito Van, is built to last. It provides continuous and dependable power, ensuring that your vehicle starts without a hitch even on the coldest of mornings.

Fit for Purpose: The 019 Lucas Premium battery is specifically intended to fit most Vito models. You won’t have to worry about adjustments or compatibility difficulties because it’s a direct fit.

Longevity: When compared to ordinary batteries, this battery has a longer lifespan. It’s a true investment in your Vito Van’s long-term performance, saving you money on replacements.

Maintenance-Free: The 019 Lucas Premium battery, like the Vito Van, is all about making your life easier. It requires no maintenance, so you can concentrate on your work without worrying about battery maintenance.

Finally, this is a match made in automotive heaven.

The Mercedes Vito Van stands tall in the world of utility vehicles, and the 019 Lucas Premium battery is the ideal partner to keep it running smoothly. This battery complements the Vito Van’s commitment to perfection by providing dependability, longevity, and a hassle-free ride.

So, if you own a Mercedes Vito Van, you can rest assured that the 019 Lucas Premium battery has your back. They’re a powerful duo ready to tackle your daily difficulties and transportation demands with elegance and dependability. It’s a marriage made in car heaven!

  1. There is a plastic door on the door side of the seat. There is a small twist in the plastic lock that turns to release the protective panel.
  2. You can now see one end of the battery! At the bottom of the battery, you will see a battery hold-down plate. This is fixed by 2 x 10mm bolts. Remove these bolts with a 10mm socket.
  3. Disconnect the plastic acid drain pipe and tuck it away somewhere safe.
  4. Now you can remove the terminal post bolt. Once again, this will be a 10mm bolt.
  5. Once removed, the battery should now slide out.
  6. Remove the other terminal bolt, and the battery will slide out.
  7. This battery is usually a 019 UK size in petrol engines. Make sure the Mercedes Vito/Viano battery is like-for-like.
  8. Replace using the reverse order as when the battery was removed.
  9. I have also attached this excellent video for people like me who are visual.
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